SONG LYRICS Crimson RedLakw the Cerealian alien from the Draco sector - JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY - online ongoing Opera by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal


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Crimson RedLakw the Celeralian Minstrel
Crimson Redlake the Celeralian Minstrel alien from the Draco Constellation

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SONG LYRICS Crimson RedLakw the Celeralian Minstrel from the Draco Constellation.
In a trance he'll rise and then
what was once will come again
aLIEN and Crimson Cloud
once was silent now is loud
Celeralian attack they're clo sing in
Celeralian attack they're coming back
Release mutated butterflies
from a distance Draco cries
are they real or in your head
Celeralian attack they're closing in
Celeralian attack they're coming back
Crimson Tide splits open wide
doom brings you to your knees
He's not the only one
They reproduce in constant phase
Reverberate in land and sea
They've come for you the've come to be

Crimson River rise and fall
Will come again to take it all
Celeralian attack they're
coming back Crimson Tide splits open wide reptilian gaze
the blind eye sees through USB
His revenge will come to be
The Celeralian Nation will soon take over the world
it is survival of the fittest
bring about a new way of life
no longer brainwashed
erase erase erase

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Celeralian Males are born blind and use a native animal which is a large eyeball equipped with an organic USB port that actually connects to the
electronic arms which gives the male Celeralian eye sight. These large eyeball like creatures are plentiful in Celeralia.
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