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Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Blood Moon Clan Guitarist
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Pig Girl Porno VampireMinstrel Sin Eaters, alien plantlife project, & Rural rat Hogs. Porno Vampires of the Project Monarch Program by Josef Mengele the Nazi angel of Death. Jakob Lemy Zook: Exorcism Guitarist/Banjo Device/Vocals - Lennon Cybermodster: Bass - Geronimo Hitler ( no relation to adolf ) (Japanese Mothra Girl): Virtual Vocals/Guitar/Fiddle Device - Count Zadar Von Liquid Ott: Bass

Excerpts from Zook interview

Interviewer: Please explain just what kind of real life waking dream experences you have, and do you think Aliens from other planets and porno vamipres are real?

Jakob: Let me tell you this. I had a dream last night. I woke up laying in bed naked and beside my bed was a little witch lady with a small black cute witches hat on. Beside her were 3 girls dressed in these sexy outfits from the wizard of oz. They were the female versions of the Lady Lion, Straw woman and Tin woman. But dressed very sexy...

The witch told me that she was taking me home. To tap my toes three times. I said where is home? She said you are our favorite and you`ll learn more and that you are going home..

I said my goodbyes to the oz know what I mean......I tapped my toes three times and woke up in a strange land dancing with a beautiful lady that somehow I was completely in love with. But she was alien. I mean half human half alien. Her head was bald sometimes with square shapes cut out from her black hair but then it would grow and turn blond and sometimes turn into many different colors. She had the most beautiful face and streamlined perfect body you could imagine and smooth skin that made you mad with love when touched. An unbearable longing love...
Below her waist her body was part animal. As if she had been cloned. Her legs were smooth but with sparse hair. It was beautiful hair. Very smooth to the touch. I ran my hands down her body and danced. It was the most romantic sex and love driven dance you could ever imagine some sort of ritual.

There was a crowd watching sometimes clapping and cheering when we danced our exotic dance.
They were not human. But, looked to be some sort of cross animal/human aliens also. We mated. The witch girl approached me and said it was time to go back. Keep quiet, don`t mention this and you will experience your wildest dreams and pleasure imaginable to come...
I awoke...from the dream in bed. The next morning I got up went to pick up some coffee at the supermarket. I noticed someone behind me as I stood in line at the counter who looked like the alien girl in my dream. She kept her face sort of hidden and would not look directly at me. But, I could see that her face was exactly like the girl in my dreams.

Of course I didn`t say anything. When I got home I received an e-mail. I looked at the e-mail and it said:
`Hey, Do you remember me? You talked to me the other day..anyway i got some pics for ya and stuff u can see at my webpage soon..

In the meantime though check your guestbook on the Superntural Gears Web site for answers.....See ya again soon...sweet dreams sweet baby Jakob...

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Jakob: Yea, Aliens and porno vampires are real.

ancient secret MINSTREL VaULT of the Blood Moon Clan of the Mysterious Fog Music Guild. ( exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. )
Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan

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