Reptilian Shape Shifter Mating Incident - Reymehers Hollow, York (Hex County, Pa) - JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY - online ongoing Opera by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal

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York (Hex County, Pa)

Reptilian Shape Shifter Mating Incident - Reymehers Hollow,

Reptilian Shape Shifter Mating Incident - Reymehers Hollow, York (Hex County, Pa)

Just had the most bizzarre Reptilian encounter and experience ever. For awhile now for the past few weeks I kept getting the most strong compelling feeling that I should go to Hex Hollow (Reymeyers Hollow) Park. The feeling got so strong yesterday it was like being a drug addict looking for a fix. A calling to go to Reymeyhers Hollow in Hex, York County Pa. That I would experience the strangest experience of my life. I've been having these feelings and premonitions that I'm supposed to go to Hex Hollow, (Reymeyers Hollow) to meet up with Reptilians there. To get to know them better there. So I couldn't withstand this feeling to not go any longer as it was getting stronger and stronger that I have no choice but to go.

Feeling slightly stupid thinking nothing's going to happen, I got in my car and headed for the Park. Reymehers Hollow is ground zero for a supposed large underground Reptilian population in the myth of the area. Reptilians like to build their tunnels in supposedly in State Parks. I entered the park. I found myself driving down a strange scary like road with no one around at all at around 3 pm. Suddenly I noticed a car up ahead stopped in the middle of the road. I couldn't pass. I stopped my car. A man got out and came up to me and asked me to park. He pointed to a spot in the woods. I said, "I'm not parking, I can go around you." He said, come on you can't go around my car. and you can't sit here someone may come by and hit your car. At this point I couldn't help but to obey.

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A euphoric feeling was coming over me. The feeling to obey was so strong I couldn't resist. And, now I knew I was in a Reptilian game play. One that I was about to experience like no other before. I parked the car and got out. I said, "won't someone steal my car parked here." He laughed and said no one's going to steal your car it's being watched carefully. He then asked me, "why don't you run up that hill." The hill was steep with dense forest, plants and shrubs. This whole area is very secluded and dense. I said, "I can't run up that hill." He said just give it a try, you'll be surprised at what you can do. As if by command and feeling like I had no resistance to refuse. I wanted to run. I couldn't help myself but not to run.

I started to run up the hill through the dense trees and ground foliage. I started to feel an exhilarating euphoria like you cannot imagine. Gaining strength as I ran. Feeling intensely euphoric. I then started to feel as if I was moving lower to the ground. Moving lower to the ground as I ran. My hands reaching to the ground. I was crawling through the forest on what I thought at first was my hands and feet. I was getting more and more euphoric like you can't imagine moving fast. In total bliss when I realized I had shape shifted into a lizard like creature. I was running on all fours. I was moving at an extraordinary speed low to the ground, running. I had massive strength. I then noticed other Reptilians now running behind me and to the sides of me. About 4 of them. There was a Reptilian running up ahead.
Looked female. And, it was like we were chasing her. One of the Reptiles came up beside me and jokingly said, "Welcome to Mating Season, Lestat." I knew I was now in a complete Reptilian game play, or maybe this was much more. And, then it was like a sexual euphoric feeling came over me which can only be describe as a primitive animal in heat surging through my body. I looked at my skin and it had turned green. My stomach was breathing pumping fast. My skin felt euphoric. I had become a Lizard. A human lizard. A Hybrid human lizard. The female lizard looked human in the face. We were chasing after this Reptilian female in a mating ritual. A human hybrid Reptile mating ritual. I won't get into the details of what happened after we caught up. Later on we came upon a pond. One of the Reptilians told me to jump into the pond. I jumped in and swam to the bottom. My eyes were open underwater. By now, I had no resemblance of a human what so ever. I was a complete lizard with tail. I still had the euphoric feeling and extreme strength. Then suddenly, I felt something pull me out of the water. He said, I thought you were going to drown Lestat, you can't breath in water stupid. Later, we stopped by a large tree. The guy who stopped me with his car in the road was there. He said, "we can't change you back." You completely know now of the Reptilian." What it's like. How it feels. We can't let you go back. I really freaked out. I said, I don't want to stay like this. They said sorry, but we can't let you shift back to human form. I was really scared to the point of starting to cry. Then one of the Reptilians started laughing. He said, ah you big baby, we're just trying to scare you. You can change back on your own. Just think about it. A massive euphoric feeling then came over me again. And, without even noticing the change I was me again. A human. They took me back to my car. They said, "Jakob you always said you wanted to live in the woods, and meet us up close." Then the Reptilian said, get in your car and leave. You won't remember what happened here until tommorow. I said, I'm not forgetting what happened right here right now in real time. He said, you'll forget. Get in your car now and leave the Park. I started to drive the car away, down this old dirt road thinking, "why did I bother coming here, nothing happened." What a stupid thought to think I was going to meet Reptilians here. I had forgotten the whole incident. Until today. Then the memories started to flood my mind, like a vivid cinematic motion picture reel running through my brain, with a slight feeling of euphoria reeling over and through my body. - Jakob Lemy Zook amish Exorcism Musician Monocasy Mind Control Fields

"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" Code 78 Benjamin. Valentine Day. Willow. See you there. corrdinance 4876.86 (40°51') | -89.11 (-87°6') Please be careful the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.

Trance of the Monarch Butterfly

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"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" Code 4 Benjamin. Valentine Day. Willow. See you there. corrdinance 40.86 (40°51') | -80.11 (-80°6') Please be careful the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.
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