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Burning Man Reptilian, his wife Lamia and the Cybernetic Killing Floor of the Reptilian 9th sector Dracs and the Martian Werewolf Porn, Rape and credit card thief Tracer CLan
JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY. The Beginning. Chapter I. PROJECT MONaRCH CHILD aBDUCTION: Child sex slaves and programmed mind control of the new world order. Jakob was picked up by a man in a green car ( Josef Mengele ) who called himself Dr. Green and taken to a rogue underground facility at the aberdeen proving grounds military base. Jakob remembers the Herman's Hermits song something tells me I'm into something good was playing on the radio. Dr. Green was givin the name Dr. Green because he drove this little foreign German green car. He said he was taking Jakob to school. He said school was out it was the summer. Mengele said I will like this school. This was around the year 1964. Jakob remembered waking up in his car as if asleep. He looked over and saw this strange man driving. He asked what was going on. He said he was taking him to school. Jakob freaked out. He said he was going to jump from the car and run into the woods. Dr. Mengele said if you do I'll catch you and kill you. Jakob started crying. Mengele then said he was only kidding. He said you'll like this school. Just lay back and go to sleep now. There were many nurses there and doctors with what looked to be hundreds of children laying in hospital beds when Jakob arrived. Jakob was told he was in school. See Jakobs Monarch Mind Control (…/child-abduction.html ) child sex slaves..........See Jakobs Diary......

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