Pissed Off angel - JaKOBS DIaRY Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly - Video Opera Music Overture to Jakobs supernatural conspiracy Diary of an amish exorcism guitarist

Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Blood Moon Clan Guitarist

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"Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly."

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JD Log entry 2 -
Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism guitarist
( Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly )

Pissed Off Angel Haarp mind control war invasion - Jakobs Diary - CyberPunk-Goth Opera from JakobLemyZook on Vimeo.

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Jakob meets with the Reptilians at the underground tunnels in York, Pa. Otherwise known as Hex County Pa. The area is also known as the ETWZ. The experimental trance warfare zone. Experiments are conducted on the population here. Using people as human Guinea Pigs for experimentation in electronic mind control for the expansion of the Order of the New World. A mind control invasion is coming. Chronis a Eugenics nightmare in Alaska is now in control of the Haarp machine there. Their melting the ice caps and there will be a giant flood coming down and moving through the midwest. They want to build a Northwest passage for Oil tankers to move easily through the Northwest Passage to China.

Return Of Nellie Noll River Witch Of Marietta - Video JD log entry 6 - White Spell Casting Jakob Lemy Zook
Amitiel, A SupernAturAl Traveling GeAr Angel Of Truth

Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism guitarist
Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician
Supernatural Gospel Gear Guitarist - Shape Shifter half breed Reptilian
Jakobs Diary Trance Of the Monarch Butterfly" IN YORK HEX COUNTY Pa - SONGS VIDEOS Fandalism

Hex County York is where many of the large child Monarch cages were and still are since the 1950's.

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JD Log entry 2 - PISSED OFF
Amitiel, A SupernAturAl Traveling GeAr Angel Of Truth
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"Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly Series - Video Music Overture"

Nellie Noll Music Video

Return Of Nellie Noll River Witch Of Marietta ------ TRaILER

River Witch Nellie Short Trailer by Lynn Starr

This project the rock opera TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY is taking place along the Mason Dixon Line region north of the Aberdeen Military Proving Grounds in Lancaster, Pa extending to the Point Pleasant, "Mothman Region," extending to the electronic microwave mind control "Haarp" region in Alaska, with frequency waves pointing back to Lancaster, Pa. An experiment in mind control is taking place in this region, a mind control region known as the ETWZ. A (New World Order Mind Melt) called "Melting the Psychic Permafrost." In an area where the Amish school slayings took place. Was the Lancaster milkman Charles Roberts who committed the slayings abducted as a child for 3 months and forced to live in a Monarch Cage? Is it possible..? Do you know what's real. Do you think you truly know reality? Can truth truly be stranger than fiction? You be the judge.....although it doesn't matter cause the mind control invasion is here now. An invasion called, "Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly." THE HAARP is singing in an opera of mind control across the land as you read this. Singing to you at night.

Trance of the Monarch Butterfly is named after the butterfly formation that forms in the brain of a schizoprenic. A formation studied by the doctors at Aberdeen. A formation which is now forming in your brain. But, you don't know it. A formation of Mind Control. Psychotronic Slavery of the New World Order. BILDENBERGER BANKERS.
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