House Of Pain York Pa - JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY - online ongoing Opera by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal

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House Of PAin Hex county, york, Pa

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"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" Code 2 Benjamin. Independence Day. Willow. See you there. corrdinance 89.86 (40°51') | -86.11 (-80°5') Please be careful the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.

Jakob Lemy Zook Diary
I'm an Amish Exorcism musician. My mind and body was abused and tortured in the Project Monarch psychic experiments involving Joesef Mengela's human triplet paranormal experiments of trauma which tore open a 6th dimension psychic hole in my brain, not unlike a cosmic black hole, leading to God's "Angel Nation". After being stolen as a child at the age of 7 from my family farm I was taken to the 31 acre underground Monarch child cage complex at the Harrisburg mental Institution. After much trauma and mind torture I escaped the underground child Monarch cages at the age of 14 after witnessing horrific child murders in the iron cages stacked high to the ceilings in the underground Aberdeen Proving Ground military facilities nearby. Other children under the mind control Monarch experiments at the underground facilities at the 7 Gates Of Hell region in Hellam were ordered to kill other children in the cages. I witnessed the brutal mutilation and torture death of 9 little girls in a cage which created so much psychic trauma and mind damage in me "as intended from the experiment" it tore open a psychic hole in my brain, in my mind to the 6th dimenision of God's Angel Nation and I learned that God is an intelligent star. And another psychic hole was torn open in my brain, the 4th dimension of the Reptillian's, "The Mothmen". I managed to escape Aberdeen aided by a soldier I befriended while imprisoned, through the tunnels. I hid in a jeep while the soldier drove me to the outside area.
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At 14 years old the soldier let me loose in the surrounding woods in a secluded section of Maryland and told me to run quickly into hiding. From the Monarch psychic mind hole tunnel in my mind to the Angel Nation I was guided by Lionstar Lionous the 96th Angel. Walking through the woods I came upon a dirt road where I asked an Amish family in an Amish carriage for a ride. Charles and Mary Stolfuz took me home to their Amish family in Lancaster, Pa where I lived in secrecy until the age of 23 as an Amish. I was given the name "Jakob Lemy Zook." I learned to play electric guitar and developed a strange talented music gift exorcising demons from victims in the Pennsy-Trancesylvania outback with my musical exorcism tool, a Fender Telecaster Guitar and a Pignose Amp. At 23 I left the family and lost all memory of all that had ever occured before. A pre-programmed life history had been pre-programmed in me to kick in at age 23 as a child at Aberdeen. Memories of growing up elsewhere. An amnesia had set in, a false memory programming of a different life was in place from the Monarch Project. A false memory in place but never enacted for their purpose because of my escape. For 20 years I wandered performing in many heavy metal, and Rock bands. Experiencing strange dreams of child torture. Now at 43, "I've not really aged in years like normal humans because of Mengela's youth experiments." (Mengela hasn't age and currently looks to be around 24 years old taking youth drugs.) I began to have strange dreams, visions. I received a strange vision dream from the master "Burundanga" trancer "Pig Girl" of the Martian Werewolf Clan who has secretly denounced her involvment in her generational family pornography trancer organization and involvement with the American Illuminati Goverment and mind control trauma experiments at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. I began to remember the Child cages at Aberdeen and the trauma experiments. In dreams I was warned by Pig Girl (Pig Girl wears a Pig Mask) to keep constantly on the move to avoid Haarp mind control detection, the nortorious star wars Alaskan microwave machine pointing to this area in the wooded Pennsyl-Trancesylvania outback. Finding refuge at the old mystical Guinson Church on a dark winters evening I finally meet 2 Angels and the Repitillian E-Zu-Zu as they appeared to me as prophesized in the secret mothman prophecies from the Mothman Prophet E-Zu-Zu from the 4th dimension Reptillian Kingdom. E-Zu-Zu does not have contempt for humans, like most in the Reptillian Nation and is part of the "Reptillian 6" in opposition to destroying the human race in the coming Armegedden mind control wars. The Reptillian 6 is also in hiding caught between 2 dimensions and has been ordered to be executed for their involvment with contacting me. Reptillian's can "Shape Shift," changing from Reptillian to Human and back. I finally meet the 95th Angel Lionstar Lionous and the Arch Angel Michael to discuss soul savior mind control defense tactics from the coming mind wars against the fallin Angel Lucifer, Satan to avoid the implanted microchip beast number 666 in the coming "Trancer Wars" and the start of Armegeddon along the ETWZ "Experimental Trance Warfare Zone" along the Mason Dixon Line Region. - Jakob's Diary
Trance of the Monarch Butterfly

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The 7 gates of Hell region in Hellam is where Lucifer, the young Nazi Angel of Death, Joesef Mengela taking youth drugs with his two sons and segments of a great Reptillan underground gathering is amassing right now. Amassing in the connecting underground Monarch cage butterfly tunnels which are also connected to the Harrisburg Mental Institution extending to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds massive iron and chicken wire Monarch cage experimental mind control child torture cells. Michael wants to rescue the current Monarch butterfly children from the underground cage cells before the first wave of the psychotronic and drug induced mind control invasion which will stretch from the Arch Of Life region to Hellam. There are around 16,000 children currently being tortured underground in the monarch butterfly cages. According to the U.S. census department there are 64,000 children that disapear each year. And millions more worldwide. Of that 64,000, 16,000 are never found. Many end up in the Monarch butterfly cages. My childhood friend Mary whom I was locked in a cage with before my escape has been missing since my childhood. I hope to find her one day. Many children are rumored to be eventually fed to the Repetillians after experiments as a tender human meat delicacy. I asked Geronimo about this. He sort of gets pissed and just turns his head when asked and frowns and sort of makes a hissing sound. I'm not sure what that means. Yes or no? Hope I never really find out.

The first massive wave of the mind control battle of Armegeddon will be at the 7 gates of Hell when the Reptillians from Alpha Draconia will make their way to the outside area. Diffusing the Monocasy mind fields will be a major strategic mind control defense. It's not known to me whether this first wave of the bliss of good against the spreading evil virus will be fought "Transparent" in the paranormal mode between the Angel Nation and the Reptillians, or in flesh and blood involving humans. Diffussing the mind fields will most likely keep it transparent for now. Angels and Reptillians can both shape shift and become transparent to a human eye. Reptilians also carry electronic "cloakingdevices." It's also rumoured that the MWC has gotten hold of these devices. Reptillians can also possess human bodies. (Demon possession) I know. As an exorcism musician I've seen it. Currently most skirmishes and confrontations are in the paranormal transparent. Many transparent confrontations have occurred recently mostly along the Monocasy trail. Of course the final coming confrontation of Armageddon will be in the flesh and blood and will involve humans which the Reptillians have contempt for despise and hate. Luckily not all hate us. The Reptilian 6 supplies us with knowledge about the Reptillians and are currently our allies. In the final outcome the Mothman Prophet E_Zu_Zu speaks of large mutated insects which will storm down in this region over the city of Hellan. Mutated insects currently have evolved underground at the 3 mile island nuke radiation disaster area nearby. Being nurtured in insect nurseries by the Reptilians. The Reptilian demon Necrolis was behind that disaster to create a decoy for the insects. A new disaster is coming soon from the Delta peach bottom plant. A nuke disaster in the making. A newly developing sabotage brought about by the master paranormal transparent shape shifting Reptilian demon "Necrolis." to evoke a police state in the region as a mind control offensive tactic. The recent effort by tongue speakers and the Reptilian 6 failed to rid Necrolis from the region. Necrolis still stalks the area waiting.
The Mothman E_Zu_Zu our ally told me that eventually all counties touching the Mason Dixon line extending from Delaware along the "ETWZ" Experimental Trance Warfare Zone will eventually become "The New Angel Nation." region. All counties along Maryland and Pennsylvania touching the Mason Dixon line will succeed from the Union before the great world trance wave of the Haarp and the voice trumpets blare and the microwave songbirds sing their beautiful music throughout the world in everyone's mind as the world falls gently asleep. I asked Michael about this. He wouldn't answer saying, "only time will tell and that time is coming Jakob. " See New Angel Nation map. It seems like everything is such a secret with Michael, his Angels and the intelligent star God.
Anyway, it was quite a night seeing Jesus with Mary and their son Laramy at 3' o'clock this morning. Getting quite interesting here in York Hex County. Well, gotta go and make my way to the Monocasy mind field and diffuse those disks. Maybe I'll see you along the trail. Coming next, the Grey alliance. To be continued......
Jakob Lemy Zook
9th ward
"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" Code 4 Benjamin. Valentine Day. Willow. See you there. corrdinance 40.86 (40°51') | -80.11 (-80°6') Please be careful the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.

They took him to the House of Pain
Little Boy Flyin over the Moon
He's been there most of his life now
Cause they say he's a looney tune
Along with his mother
12 Uncles made to lick the spoon
It's trance control from a singing Haarp along the Mason Dixon Homeland Line

In the House Of Pain
Made to lick the spoon
Open wide down the hatch

Joe Mengela in Lancaster
Sips on a fountain of youth
His German sons live there too
Yea, Lemy wanna tell you that's the truth
along with Doctor Adolf
Their punchin holes lobotomizing minds
it's trance control froma a singin Haarp
Along the Mason Dixon Homeland Line

In the House of Pain
Made to lick the spoon
Open wide down the hatch

From the Burundanga Plant
Comes Mummy known as Shocking Blue
Dracula, Mad Doctors, CIA and the Military too
Tells Tommy that he's nuts
While their rippin out his soul
From all this White Coat stuff
Tommy's turning into a Ghoul.

In the House of Pain
Made to lick the spoon
Open wide down the hatch
Yuck - Jakob's Diary - Jakob Lemy Zook
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