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A by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal
The Perfect Paranormal Storm is approaching Hex County Pa
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Calling of the Clan Episode 1

Amitiel Burnt Angel ( some say she is fallin ) played by Caroline ( Goth Girl )
Unknown Angel without a name. actor to be announced
Nellie Noll Drac River Witch of Marrietta played by Sparky Lynn
Mark Draco Martian Werewolf Clan Trancer played by Rusty Newcomer
Jakob Lemy Zook Amish Exorcism Guitarist played by Len Wiles Lionstar Marshal
Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Cedar Valley Minstrel Of Heavencan played by Len Wiles
Chronis actor to announced
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TOTAL 3 SCENES FOR EPISODE - Calling of the the Blood Moon Clan.

Scene 1: Occurs during a PHU. (Psychic Hook Up) Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician goes to a location in the fabled Cedar Valley Forest of Heavencan. He is walking down alum rock road along the forest walls in the mysterious dark Hex County New Park back woods for a meeting with Amitiel the burnt angel ( some say she is fallen ) and the Unknown angel without a name that was also burned by the Intelligent Star that she travels with. Amitiel the angel appears behind Jakob the amish exorcism musician in the wooded path. Jakob wants Amitiel to contact Nellie Noll the River Drac Witch Of Marietta for him to obtain a special dual exorcism opus guitar piece from her. Angel the Unknown sings the ancient Acapella song, "Calling of the Clan," to call in and connect me via PHU (Psychic Hook Up) a visual form of spiritual virtual reality in the supernatural range. Connects me with Nellie Noll the blood drinking Hybrid Draconian Sector Reptilian, a Witch Drac. ( Called Witch Dracula's ) Very dangerous beings and unpredictable. Nellie is part human though so has a moral sense of humanity within her.

Scene 2: Return Meeting Of Nellie Noll: Occurs during a PHU ( Psychic Hook Up )
Jakob later meets up with the Nellie Noll the Reptilian Shape Shifting Drac River Witch Of Marietta during the PHU encounter in the woods to ask for her help in a special exorcism of the GMO half human, half plant, part Jellyfish, (Jellyfish are immortal) a eugenics demonic Industrial Military Complex developed by Joesef Mengele the Nazi angel of Death still alive living in Lancaster Pa among the amish. He takes youth drugs he developed in Germany during WWII experimenting on children in the death camps. He helped to developed along with rogue doctors at the underground aberdeen grounds military base in Maryland in created an experimental living nightmare creature/plant/jellyfish humanoid called the Chronis Demon who is trying to target the Peach Bottom Nuke Plant in Delta for a meltdown of it's core along with a radiation spread. He broke out of the lab. Chronis was involved in the nearby Nuke disaster at Three Mile Island. There are cloaked Trumpet Templars currently circling guarding Peach Bottom for any signs of Chronis and approaching Reptilians he has been with seen within the area. The Trumpet Templars use Reptilian cloaking technology and stolen technology from the Blue Beam Project technology to make themselves invisible not seen or to be seen as something else. Blue Beam is sometimes referred to as the psychic raindrops in a Paranormal Storm.

Scene 3: The Exorcism.
Chronis shape shifts into a child in an old amish home. He has locked himself in a room upon the arrival and is running around yelling and screaming like a kid. He has an electric guitar hooked up to an amp in the room turned to full volume as he bangs on the guitar strings as it feedbacks screaming Jakob I'm an exorcism guitarist too just like you. He keeps banging on the door and running around the room banging the guitar yelling, "Jakob see I can play just like you, see Jakob what do you think, I'm a exorcism guitarist too!" Yelling in a child's voice.

Scene 1:
Amitiel appears out of nowhere in the woods. She is at a different location in person but shows up during a Project Star gate PHU, "Psychic Hook Up," Remote Viewing standing behind Jakob ghostlike and casts a trance spell on Jakob where he cannot move only speak.
Spoken Dialog......
( Amitiel suddenly materalizes in a PHU mind connection. )
Amitiel: Hi Jakob, you can't turn around to see me until I allow you too.
(Jakob now cannot move can only speak as he is in a state of mind control suspension)
Jakob: Hi Amitiel been awhile haven't seen you around. I always think of you in the Civil War when you were walking with that little drummer boy with all those cannon balls exploding when you were hit. Is the unknown with you?
Amitiel: He's right here Jakob. You know he doesn't like you so he won't talk to you.
Jakob: I know. Hi Unknown sorry you don't like me. Maybe we'll sit down and have a moonshine shot and a chat someday.
(Unknown: There is a loud hissing sound.)
Amitiel: So what you been up too Minstrel Jakob Lemy Zook you since the last time we worked together during the sabotage nuke meltdown incident at three mile Island. You mentioned Chronis is back?
Jakob: That was something wasn't it. The Chronis Eugenics GMO that demonic nightmare tried to melt the place down back then now he's back. Lots of people are sick now after all these years because of that incident. Seen Chronis near the McDonald Farm near the 7 Valley Reptilian Tunnel entrance. The Minstrels say he's been released out again through the iron caged tunnel from the aberdeen underground Military eugenics complex. Another supernatural eugenics experiment gone wrong. Ain't that fucked. Another one of their genetically modified human screwups.
Jakob: Guess we stopped that TMI meltdown incident just in time didn't we.
Amitiel: Yea Walter Kronkite on TV everyone pulling their money from the banks.
Jakob: Sorry you got sick from all that radiation exposure I know you really got sick. Would have traded places with you.
You've always been a much better human a much better Blood Moon Clan
Demon Exposer than I.
Amitiel: Your right about that.
Jakob: Don't know why the radiation did not affect me. The Minstrel Guild say's I'm currently not affected by the potions and poisons because the Reptilian 6 watch over me for reasons yet unknown to me.
Amitiel: Unknown? So much secrecy in the Blood Moon Clan.
Jakob: Don't know why the Intelligent Star felt the need to burn you so long ago for being a truth teller. Turning you human to walk the earth until it all comes to an end.
Amitiel: Until the beginning of the new Eden. Then I'll be returned back to the Celestial Angel Nation Of Heavencan when all counties touching the Mason Dixon line with succeed from the american union and form that new nation.
Seems no one likes to hear the truth not even the Celestial Greens.
Jakob: The Greens?
Amitiel: Yea, you don't know what suffering is and experienced real pain until you've been exposed to massive amounts of radiation burning a hole through the earth on its way to China after falling into it. The angel Snowfire was called from a prayer to help me get well from the poisoning traveled from the garden cosmos sector and came to my aid and cured me. Took about 9 months.
Jakob: Bless the angel Snowfire that both male and female Celestial such a healer filled with the bliss. You Amitiel and the Unknowned have suffered so much after the Intelligent Star incident. You were forced to walk with the humans on earth until the final days.
Amitiel: Yea, I should have tied my tongue when I stood before the Intelligent star and should not have told the truth. Gave the warning about the humans. The Intelligent Star so loved his celestial creation created in his own image from stardust his new Lifeform with free will from the dust of his own star body. He could not bear the real truth of his creation. His creations final outcome when I told him.
Jakob: Oh yes, the final outcome.
Amitiel: The truth that these two humans Adam and Eve would find the organic silicon apple and grow with it's knowledge if givin free will to do so. Free Will resulting in seeking power through celestial and natures forces because the apple incident was known to happen ahead of time to happen in Eden. The quantum mechanic angels could see the future timelines knew the apple incident would occur incited by the burning Hell Star Lucifer's non-bliss world. Humans will self destruct if givin Free Will gaining knowledge and power.
Unknown: Humans self destructing nothing new there.
Jakob: ah he speaks.
Unknown: hisses.......
Amitiel: It might already be all water under the bridge now as we approach the possible coming supernatural celestial war armegeddon between the humans, Reptilian NWO Bloodlines and the Annuaki. It is said the Draconians the Reptilian Dracs the blood drinking Dracula's from Draco constellation sector will hurl comets and meteors down on earth nudging the comets into the path of earths cities as they burn through the atmosphere towards targets.

Jakob: The Quantum Mechanics keep changing mother earths timeline to avoid the Earth end times. When it comes I heard from Snowfire that it will be orchestrated by the NWO ruling bloodlines and Reptilian Shape Shifting Dracs. The timeline is constantly being changed by the Q Mechanics to avoid the end times. They say the timelines are getting more blurry through the ages harder to control to know which route to follow.
Amitiel: That is the current truth but the truth can be changed but only so many times then it ceases.
Unknown: Sooner or later the humans will cease to be, will be turned back into stardust of the Intelligent Star light or thrown into the burning stardust Hellfires of the Lucifer Star. It may all be water under the bridge soon if the timelines are lost control of and we head down the Q Mechanics wrong path make the wrong turn.
Jakob: ah he speaks again. Timelines, Truth, Reason, Soothsayers, Yea, it will all eventually become water under the bridge someday. Anyway thank God for Snowfire such the healer, so glad your well Amitiel.
Amitiel: Yea, Love Snowfire. Anyway, enough talk why did you contact me Jakob?
Jakob: I need your help to get in contact with Nellie Noll the Drac River Witch.
She is back.
Amitiel: Back from the dead?
Jakob: after she died she traveled forward through the Reincarnation Route returning back to Hellam at the 7 gates of Hell. Went back to the same place again along the river where she directed those farmers to the reptilian Drac Witch a Dracula named Nelson Rehmeyer directed them to go to his house back in the 20's to gain a piece of his hair to stop a Hex Potion which was placed on them. Remember Nelson was murdered.
Amitiel: Didn't you help to burn the Witch Drac Nellie at the stake during the Salem Witch trials. Why would she a Draconian help you after all the pain you caused her from the burning.
Jakob: I was wrong for being involved in that. I have to live with my sin for that everyday for those burnings. Was suffering like a pissed off angel after the burning of my love Jennifer by the original Templars in which Nellie was involved for punishment in separating from the Templars when I formed the Trumpet Templars the Order Of The Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild and broke away. The Templars became corrupt with coin glutton greed disavowing their vow of poverty as you know.
Amitiel: The took a vow of poverty started off riding donkeys but ended up riding horses stealing killing and destroying for massive wealth.
Jakob: Other than that I have no explanation for my actions just got caught up in the fake religious fervor at the time as a young exorcism musician in training at the time. She is both good and evil. She is capable of forgiveness as well as revenge.
Amitiel: A Reptilian Drac capable of forgiveness?
Jakob: She is half human a double supernatural gear player. A double agent for both the intelligent light star of life and the burning hell star Lucifer, of darkness and death.
Amitiel: Double agent?
Jakob: Yea she works the supernatural gears for both. I know this. You know it now. Only one other the intelligent star knows this too. Lucifer does not know.
Amitiel: Why would Nellie help you after burning her at the stake.
Jakob: I believe she will forgive me and help me because she helped to kill Jennifer. So the score is settled. Because of her unique dual polarity of good and evil she has developed an exorcism guitar opus that only she could create because of this duality. The fabled supernatural exorcism gear guitar Opus 2.
Amitiel: What's an Opus 2 Gear?
Jakob: a special powerful exorcism guitar solo piece. Sound waves drenched in both Holy water and ectoplasm the demon crawling breath blow and technologic waves from the mircrowave mind control Haarp machine in alaska.
Amitiel: Sounds interesting. Fill me in.
Jakob: Yea, I need that Opus 2 exorcism gear guitar piece to seek out the Chronis GMO Eugenics demon stalking among these woods in Hex County and extract the evil virus from its soul to keep it from spreading which is now foaming in Chronis like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth snapping out with knashing teeth which is foaming at his soul. Extract the virus before it spreads further than Hex County where many will become possessed as it is a highly contagious supernatural poisoning of the mind. A Zombie TrAnce virus with Haarp induced brain waves. They've been spraying Burundanga and it's powerful mind control extract potion Shocking Blue from airplanes leaving behind "CHEMTRaILS." Shocking Blue was developed by the Chemists of the Martian Werewolf Clan Porno Vampire family crime organization who developed shape shifting technology from the Reptilians.
Martian Werewolf Clan

You can see chemical chemtrail mind control spray from horizon to horizon streaming from planes.
chemChronis was seen in alaska. They think he's trying to gain control of Haarp. The NWO Microwave mind Control electronic unit in alaska.
Amitiel: How did Chronis escape back again. I know he can't be killed from his eugenic manipulation he is part Jellyfish and Jellyfish are immortal. He can only be exorcised, harnessed and controlled in captivity.
Jakob: Know one knows. But, they know he made his way through the underground tunnel entrance in 7 Valleys. I recently saw one of the smaller Reptilian breeds there staring out from behind the Iron gate.
Amitiel: Which Breed?
Jakob: Bumblebee Grey Aliens. The Gantis.
Need to cast Chronis back into the tunnel and send a warning to the rogue doctors at aberdeen proving grounds military base and the NWO bloodlines with their experiments in eugenics and mind control and send a message to Joesef Mengele that Nazi angel of death to stop with these dangerous experiments on humans or more supernatural wormholes will soon break out. Nazi Dr. Megele the Drac Human Hybrid is still taking youth drugs to stay young. FOY Drugs. The Fountain of Youth. Developed at the death camps in austria decades ago through Project Monarch. The NWO are now taking these drugs as they seek eternal life and eternal rule.
Amitiel: Supernatural Wormholes?
Jakob: They've torn a hole into the world of the Dimensionals with the Philadelphia Experiment. Their coming into this dimension through supernatural wormholes.
I need you Amitiel to contact Nellie for me so I may speak to her to gain control of the Opus 2 Exorcism Song Gear.
SCENE: The Angel Unknown begins to sing a strange song ( lip synchs to a recording ) then stops.
There is silence then what looks to be a childs demon doll which stands around 3 feet high appears and starts to laugh and sing
wearing a wedding dress with blinking lit up eyes to the right of Jakob on the p
annaJakob then feels a touch on his shoulder he turns around it is Nellie Noll the shape shifting River Drac Witch Of Marietta staring into his eyes with a demonic smile. A shape shifting blood drinking Vampire Drac Draconian. The nortorious Mark Draco the master Burundanga Shocking Blue Porno Vampire Trancer of the family crime organization the Martian Werewolf Clan is standing with her.
Amitiel tells Jakob he may now turn to see her and the Unknown. The angel without a name is standing beside Amitiel dressed in black with a mask on. Amitiel turns to Jakob and say's "you wanted to see her well here she is. Good luck Jakob." The Unknown begins to laugh as they fade away into the woods. The ancient Drac Witch an ancient Draconian Human Blood Drinker Nellie Noll begins to be continued

Scene 2:
Return of Nellie Noll The River Witch Drac Of Marietta and the Opus 2 Exorcism of Chronis.
( Nellie Noll suddenly materalizes in a PHU mind connection (Psychic Hook Up))

Jakob you rang?
Jakob: are you really Nellie?
( Nellie shape shifts into different faces starts laughing then changes back into Nellie face )
Nellie: Don't tell me you've forgotten the sound of my voice.
Jakob: I could never forget that laugh.
are you still upset about Salem? I'd like to make it up to you.
Nellie: Well, I'd like you to make it up to me too.
Jakob: You did kill Jennifer Nellie burned her during the Templar uprising. Heard you killed your cousin too.
I certainly hope you h
ave no plans for me.
Mark: You know the MWC is not pleased with you. Their tired of your interference in their Trancer activities.
Jakob: and you know Mark all hell will break loose if I'm harmed by the MWC or the Dracula Reptilians. If you break the treaty with the Reptilian 6th sector.
Nellie: My cousin was trying to rape me.
Jakob: Well, you handled it rather well killing your cousin I guess. Why don't we just forgive and forget. You know we were once good friends back when we were in the Templars.
Nellie: We were friends but that was then this is now.
So what's up Minstrel Man?
Jakob: Need your help. You have access to an opus 2 exorcism music script. With dual supernatural gear flow of both ectoplasmic good and evil.
Nellie: Heard Chronis has escaped the Tunnels. Thought you might be seeking me out asking for the Opus 2 solo guitar script.
Mark: Got word Chronis has hooked up with some Reptilian Dracs in the area.
Jakob: What's different about this type of exorcism?
Nellie: It's extremely powerful. Extremely dangerous. It uses paranormal dual ectoplasmic good evil flow and Haarp microwave technology.
20081029_ectoplasm_33 The paranormal and mind control Nazi scientist's were working on this during World War Two. I received the Opera Haarp Wave script from the alien Celeralian Soothsayer minstrel alizarin in exchange for the secrets of the ectoplasmic exorcisms and the Shocking Blue Trance Potion. The powerful extract developed by the Chemists working for the Martian Werewolf Clan. Same stuff the NWO is using in Chemtrail aerosol sky spraying. The Celeralian's understand the Haarp wave technology and it's mass mind control dangers.
Jakob: Criminson Redlakw ?
Nellie: I can give it to the Celeralian alizarin or Criminson Redlakw not directly to you. You'll have to work with them on learning how to use and perform the solo guitar Opus. as you know The Celeralins have a Starship landing field at the apollo park in Hex County near Long Level by the river. You can contact them there to get the ectoplasmic music script and Haarp wave exorcism guitar and to learn how to use it in the (PEZ) Paranormal Exorcism Zone against Chronis. You know you can't kill Chronis only disarm his psychic assaults.
Jakob: I know this. Give it to Redlakw. I don't trust alizarin.
Nellie: I will give the Opus music and Haarp wave Script to Criminson Redlakw Jakob but I want this in return.
Jakob: What do you want Nellie?
Nellie: allow the MWC family organization to operate in the Hex county region with their Trancer activities.
Jakob: You too?
Nellie: Right.
Jakob: Let you run free to drink human blood, put demonic hex potions on people and let the MWC run free to make their Trancer sex, rape, snuff and scream films? No way.
Nellie: We will abide along with the Dracs of the MWC to abide by the Reptilian 6th no human blood drinking or satanic ritual abuse snuff and scream films. Of course I can't speak for the rogue doctors working at aberdeens Project Monarch or the Old Dracula sector who won't sign the agreement. But we will abide by the truce and new rules. Only white hexes and non-traumatized Trancer porno vampire films.
Those are the terms. Take it or leave it. Either way you still have to deal with Chronis. If you want the exorcism opus accept the terms.
Jakob: Ok, will accept the terms.
Nellie: I've already sent a PHU to Redlakw. He's now waiting for you with the exorcism script and special exorcism guitar at the apollo park landing field.
Jakob: Thanks Nellie. I'll contact Ethal the Buzzard Demon Fisher immediately. You know I could use your help with this exorcism. Your were once the most legendary sin eater and exorcist templar minstrel in the world. Back in the day, a minstrel super hero. a highly honored Supernatural Gear of the Trumpet Templars.
Nellie: That was a long time ago Jakob. I sometimes do miss those days. actually I might like to go along with you just for fun. Exorcising The Chronis Demon, a Industrial Military Complex Eugenics creature? Let me think about that.
To be continued............
Chronis eugenics creature



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