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an Hybrid Drummer Geronimo Hisser of the Reptilian 6 was there too. Geronimo plays drums and has now joined my new exorcism band along with Clan member defector and bass player Lennon Cybermodster. The band is called The 7 Gates of Hell in Hellam. Formerly The Donovan Dreamer Quintet.

I asked Jesus what he was doing. He said, "making sure you don't forget the dates of the Mayan prophecies" Jakob. He was implanting strange time lines and dates in my memory. I found myself looking at him and Mary and noticed a boy was at their side. Without thinking I said to Jesus. "You sleepin with Mary?" The Angels standing nearby broke out in hysteric massive laughter. Wailing with laughter.
Jesus just smiled. Later that night Geronimo Hitler Hisser my new drummer and half reptilian half human friend told me the boy was Jesus's son. I said the "The son of Jesus?" He said yea, that's Laramy the Son of Jesus. Although I've spoken many times with Jesus at the secret Guison Church, I've never seen him with Mary or his son. So, this was quite a surprise. I was told later and
was being forced to remember that I used to play in the dirt under the old farm house porch with Laramy at around 5 years old at the time. Before they took me off to the Monarch Butterfly cage. I remember 3 guardian angels were always present at that time. Me and Laramy once argued
over who would be the next to suffer like his Dad had to go through. Me or him. It was kinda of like a game. Pointing out different scenarios of suffering, then pulling straws out of a hat. Whoever got the short straw had to suffer like his dad. I ended up in the Monarch Butterfly cage. So as you might have guessed I eventually ended up with that short straw.

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Jesus then proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to the The Monocasy Mind Fields along the Monocasy trail in Rocky Ridge park above York city along route 30 to diffuse 3 new psychotrancer disks that were recently planted there. Buried underground. Placed there by Monarch Trancers and members of the Martian Werewolf Porno Vampire Clan posing as power line workers on the hill above the freeway. Geronimo told me in his strange hissing voice "Their planning another massive trancer incident along route 30." Jakob you know how to find and diffuse these disks. The archangel Michael recommended that you take the job. Lucky me. I accepted. I always bring along my old "water witch" friend, "Chromium Liquid Ott" when looking for these disks. Like finding water with his metal rods and maple twigs that he uses he has been givin the gift of being able to locate these electronic trancer disks with his water witch skills. My grandfather was a water witch also. Sometimes I bring along a protective device known as a Holy Hand grenade (HHg) to neutralize the DOR field surrounding ELF (cell phone) towers and Reptilian portals such as the one at the 7th Gate of Hell in Hellan, Satanic ritual sites, and Reptilian infiltrated nuclear reactor sites. My buzzard friend Ethal was coming along too. Buzzards eat and can smell death coming. They can smell your own death before you die and can warn you of impending doom coming your way so you can avoid.
I've known the Buzzard Ethal since childhood. My friends and I as kids growing up on the Diary farm before I was kidnapped and placed as an experimental subject in the iron butterfly Monarch cages I used to go to a place called Alum Rock. It's a giant rock sitting in the middle of the woods with huge crevices and cracks throughout. An ancient meteorite. Ethal lived there in the crevices. At the time there was no communication with this Buzzard. I learned to communicate with Buzzards later. Recently Ethal along with another Buzzard began showing up and roosting on the rooftop of my cabin. Very strange site to see. Two Buzzards sitting on your rooftop every night. Buzzards are descendants of Mothmen.
Mothmen sometimes show up in the trees around my cabin and sometimes roost with the buzzards in the trees at night. Very large strange beings. They sometimes land on the cabin's steel roof. Sounds like the roof is going to cave in. Not to be confused with psychotronic roof pounding. I'll explain that later.

Ethal and her buzzard friend were sent to my location in the woods by the archangel Michael. Vulture's seldom attack a healthy living animal, but may kill the wounded or sick. Vast numbers have been seen upon battlefields. They gorge themselves when prey is abundant, till their crop forms a projection, and sit, sleepy or half torpid, to digest their food. They do not carry food to their young in their claws, but disgorge it from the crop. These birds are of great value as scavengers, especially in hot regions. They eat rotten flesh which have the deadly bacteria botulism. Botulism is like candy to a Buzzard. But, botulism isn't the only bacteria that vultures digest. In fact, rotten flesh also contains anthrax and cholera. They also love to eat anthrax. Anthrax to Ethal is like honey to a bee. Their stomachs can destroy even the most dangerous bacteria. Buzzards understand death. They eat death. They love the smell of death. They seek out death. Their digestive systems are made to consume the dead. Finding death is their life. And as a paranormal ghost hunter and exorcist you learn to communicate with the buzzards as they can tell you who has died. The missing dead. Where to find bodies of lost souls who have met untimely deaths as they may have consumed the body. Lost souls now wandering. Buzzards love all things dead including finding a dead tree to roost in at night. Most demons contain dead flesh. Buzzards can smell them. They can sniff out demons like bloodhounds on their trail. A seeing eye dog for the Exorcist.
And last but not least I always bring along one sinful vial of the Joines boys moonshine. They make the best corn liquor moonshine although now mainly run the Burundanga flower plant from South America up through the south through old back roads at high speeds to the line for the MWC. They seem to know every back road from the Mason Dixon line to Bolivia.
Eventually from my triplet monarch brother the legendary ghost hunter and exorcism musician Lestat Maison I was taught how to communicate with Buzzards. They communicate with text messages which you can see above their heads. That's how you communicate. With text messages back and forth above heads. Messages seen above your head and theirs. Just like cell phone text messaging. This is how I communicate with my buzzard friend Ethal. With her help and extreme knowledge of death and afterlife sensory perception I have learned the fate of many a missing soul and helped many to finally leave this life behind and make their way to the new world. The new life in the afterlife 11th dimensional world of Serdonas. If you take up the art of becoming a ghost hunter and exorcism musician you will learn to communicate with buzzards. They know death. Because of the shocking blue burundanga drug effects as a monarch butterfly child I'm able to see into the future for up to 3 days ahead. The Mayans knew of this burundanga effect. That's how they knew so much and was able to look into the future and write prophecies. Burundanga comes from South America. So when in an area like the Monocasy mind fields most of the time but not always I can usually see into the future to detect 4th Reichers, Monarch Trancers, or Martian Werewolf Clan Trancers,. where they are going to show up and to then avoid their detection and confrontation. I've seen extreme trancer activity along route 30 before because of these psychotronic disks in the Monocasy mind fields. I once witnessed drivers along the entire route 30 freeway shut down below from the park area, beginning from the Hellam Wrightsville exit, almost into York all cars coming to a complete standstill from a trancer incident using these psychotronic disks from above in Rocky Ridge park. The entire freeway had come to a standstill. Members of the Monarchs and the Martian Werewolf Porno Clan took away 2 people from their cars and put them in a van while everyone else in their cars were completely tranced totally still with eyes wide open non-blinking. Totally tranced people. A Monarch and Werewolf Clansman got into the now missing abductees cars and drove off. Minutes later everyone started driving again as if nothing had ever happened. Completely unaware of the incident. Mass retrograde amnesia had set in. The 2 missing were reported has having disappeared "mysteriously" in the York Daily newspaper and were never seen again. No trace. Their cars were found behind the Weiss grocery store parking lot in Red Lion. Martian Werewolf Trancer's sometimes wear similar but smaller disks hidden and strapped to their chests. They sometimes break the rules of the family porno vampire Clan and become rogue and commit robberies and create personal shocking blue tranced sex slaves for their own personal pleasure. Clan members jokingly refer to the shocking blue trance drug as Love Potion #13 and their sex slaves as #69's. Tranced sex slaves will rape you. Some are used as human mules to carry drugs across borders and commit robberies. Some Trancers are heavily involved in Identity Theft. They trance victims and steal their identities. Tranced victims happily hand over all their personal information and sometimes happily empty their bank accounts for a Trancer. Pig Girl of the Martian Werewolf Porno family Clan has emptied many bank accounts with her very advanced trancer skills. Geronimo Hitler Hisser the Reptilian 6 defector has warned of the first invasion wave occuring nearby at the 7 gates of hell in Hellam. Hisser told me "The Reptillians and Monarchs are up to something much bigger now than the above incident along route 30." The Arch Angel Michael who is amassing millions of "transparent" angels in the paranormal along the "arch shaped Pennsyl-Trancesylvania border" along the Mason Dixon line near Philadelphia, an area known as the "Arch Of Life" wants the Monocasy mind fields diffused. Guess I currently got the job of diffusing the trancer disks. Lucky me again.The 7 gates of Hell region in Hellam is where Lucifer, the young Nazi Angel of Death, Joesef Mengela taking youth drugs with his two sons and segments of a great Reptillan underground gathering is amassing right now. Amassing in the connecting underground Monarch cage butterfly tunnels which are also connected to the Harrisburg Mental Institution extending to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds massive iron and chicken wire Monarch cage experimental mind control child torture cells. Michael wants to rescue the current Monarch butterfly children from the underground cage cells before the first wave of the psychotronic and drug induced mind control invasion which will stretch from the Arch Of Life region to Hellam. There are around 16,000 children currently being tortured underground in the monarch butterfly cages. According to the U.S. census department there are 64,000 children that disapear each year. And millions more worldwide. Of that 64,000, 16,000 are never found. Many end up in the Monarch butterfly cages. My childhood friend Mary whom I was locked in a cage with before my escape has been missing since my childhood. I hope to find her one day. Many children are rumored to be eventually fed to the Repetillians after experiments as a tender human meat delicacy. I asked Geronimo about this. He sort of gets pissed and just turns his head when asked and frowns and sort of makes a hissing sound. I'm not sure what that means. Yes or no? Hope I never really find out.
The first massive wave of the mind control battle of Armegeddon will be at the 7 gates of Hell when the Reptillians from Alpha Draconia will make their way to the outside area. Diffusing the Monocasy mind fields will be a major strategic mind control defense. It's not known to me whether this first wave of the bliss of good against the spreading evil virus will be fought "Transparent" in the paranormal mode between the Angel Nation and the Reptillians, or in flesh and blood involving humans. Diffussing the mind fields will most likely keep it transparent for now. Angels and Reptillians can both shape shift and become transparent to a human eye. Reptilians also carry electronic "cloakingdevices." It's also rumoured that the MWC has gotten hold of these devices. Reptillians can also possess human bodies. (Demon possession) I know. As an exorcism musician I've seen it. Currently most skirmishes and confrontations are in the paranormal transparent. Many transparent confrontations have occurred recently mostly along the Monocasy trail. Of course the final coming confrontation of Armageddon will be in the flesh and blood and will involve humans which the Reptillians have contempt for despise and hate. Luckily not all hate us. The Reptilian 6 supplies us with knowledge about the Reptillians and are currently our allies. In the final outcome the Mothman Prophet E_Zu_Zu speaks of large mutated insects which will storm down in this region over the city of Hellan. Mutated insects currently have evolved underground at the 3 mile island nuke radiation disaster area nearby. Being nurtured in insect nurseries by the Reptilians. The Reptilian demon Necrolis was behind that disaster to create a decoy for the insects. A new disaster is coming soon from the Delta peach bottom plant. A nuke disaster in the making. A newly developing sabotage brought about by the master paranormal transparent shape shifting Reptilian demon "Necrolis." to evoke a police state in the region as a mind control offensive tactic. The recent effort by tongue speakers and the Reptilian 6 failed to rid Necrolis from the region. Necrolis still stalks the area waiting.
The Mothman E_Zu_Zu our ally told me that eventually all counties touching the Mason Dixon line extending from Delaware along the "ETWZ" Experimental Trance Warfare Zone will eventually become "The New Angel Nation." region. All counties along Maryland and Pennsylvania touching the Mason Dixon line will succeed from the Union before the great world trance wave of the Haarp and the voice trumpets blare and the microwave songbirds sing their beautiful music throughout the world in everyone's mind as the world falls gently asleep. I asked Michael about this. He wouldn't answer saying, "only time will tell and that time is coming Jakob. " See New Angel Nation map. It seems like everything is such a secret with Michael, his Angels and the intelligent star God.
Anyway, it was quite a night seeing Jesus with Mary and their son Laramy at 3' o'clock this morning. Getting quite interesting here in York Hex County. Well, gotta go and make my way to the Monocasy mind field and diffuse those disks. Maybe I'll see you along the trail. Coming next, the Grey alliance. To be continued......
Jakob Lemy Zook
9th ward
"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" Code 4 Benjamin. Valentine Day. Willow. See you there. corrdinance 40.86 (40°51') | -80.11 (-80°6') Please be careful the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.
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"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" Code 4 Benjamin. Valentine Day. Willow. See you there. corrdinance 40.86 (40°51') | -80.11 (-80°6') Please be careful the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.

Trance of the Monarch Butterfly

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Woke up around 3 pm in a trance and leaped from my body. Jesus and Mary were alongside my bed with their hands on my head with around 9 tto 10 Angels standing around. The Indi


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