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PROJECT MONARCH? or Alien Encounter?

True story here or a fake cinematic memory mind reel. A Haarp induced Psychotronic virtual mind melt created reality? A mind melt psychosis? A "Cinematic Fake History Mind Reel." The same technology their using developing at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Military base in Maryland. Using Haarp technology and chemtrail drugs such as powerful extracts from the Burundanga mind control drug known as Shocking Blue for mass mind control of populations through a chemtrail invasion. Non Lethal Warfare?..... Did the incident take place below. You be the judge.......Or was it a cinematic mind melt, which could happen to you.

Went to the
Apollo Park landing field today in York (Hex County, Pa). Directly above the Aberdeen Proving Grounds military base in Maryland. Ground zero for Project Monarch. As usual I expected a Cinematic Mind Reel to run through my brain after being there. I was walking down the path into the woods. No one around. Was in the deep part of the woods in a pine tree grove. A man walked up to me and there was with a small Alien with him. The classic Alien with the large black eyes. Very short around 4 foot tall. I became frozen. Couldn't move standing there in the path in the woods. I could talk and observe. The man who I think is a Reptilian asked if the small Alien could put a helmet on my head. I said no way! The little Alien had this strange head helmet in his hand. The Reptilian? said come on let him put it on your head.
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You'll be ok, nothing's going to happen. It won't hurt. I said yea, sure, right. Then, it was like I couldn't resist. I said go ahead. The Alien then began to put this helmet device on my head lifting it up to my head. I yelled stop! He stopped. He became frozen. Like a Robot. The Reptilian? said come on Jakob, let him put the helmet on your head. I then couldn't resist. I was mind controlled. No resistance. I said go ahead. He put the Helmet on my head for about a minute as I stood there frozen. He then took it off. Become a Gearhead! Subscribe to the latest Supernatural Gear news Updates. Songs, Videos, Strange Hex County Minstrel News and Happenings.

I said what was that for? He said you'll soon find out. I then looked at the little Alien and said, why doesn't he move or talk or anything. The Reptilian said, he's stupid, dumb. I started yelling you dumb fucking stupid little Alien. I don't really know why I was yelling at this seemingly innocent looking little Alien. He did look stupid. I actually felt kind of sorry for him. The Man, Reptilian? said he was a slave. The Alien then grinned. A stupid grin. It all seemed kind of sad. It was weird. The Reptilian? then told me to walk backward. So I did and ran into him behind my back. I said why do you want me to walk backwards? He asked me to do it 3 more times. So, I kept walking backwards and would then run into him. I said, why do you keep asking me to walk backwards and running into you while you stand still. He said, I'm teaching you to watch your back. You need to watch your back Jakob. Then the very small Alien took off through the woods with the Reptilian? as they kept looking back at me to make sure I didn't follow.

They seem to vanish into the thick wooded pine grove. A few minutes later 2 girls on horseback came up through the woods path. I noticed one of the girls had a "Reptile" picture on the back of her shirt. TRUE STORY? You be the judge. To be continued unless I'm banned here considered a fraud and insane like I got banned from unexplained mysteries for life. I think a Yeti could walk right through that site and now one would notice. I think they banned Wikileaks too. Are Reptilians real or just a Monarch Mind Melt?.......Jakob Lemy Zook, JAKOBS DIARY, "Trance of the Monarch Butterfly." location Grom98764021. Geronimo, Haarpo is watching. be careful or wikileaks will mind melt. Mary what happened to you?

Mary if your out there click here.