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Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician with the exorcism band Supernatural Gospel Gears by the Order Of The ancient Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild.  Jakob has traveled
as a Trumpet Templar guit
arist, a Blood Moon Clan Minstrel with Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel of Heavencan since before the dark ages. Traveling through time being born then dying and being born again over and over down through the ages in what is known as the
Reincarnation Route. The Minstrels are currently in Hex County Pa region of the largest Reptilian underground population in the world located at the 7 Gates Of Hell in Hellam, and 7 Valleys Reptilian Tunnel entrances site of the Monarch mind control experiments taking place experimenting on mostly children for non-lethal warfare control by the NWO, the New World Order for Bloodline rule by rogue elements at the aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland led by the Nazi angel of Death Doctor Joesef Mengele.
LOG ENTRY JaKOBS DIaRY 9999C7865YU Please be careful Ethal the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.
Hi Ethal! Made it to the ArchOfLife with Snowfire in Philly. Millions upon Millions of transparent Angels in suspended animation in the Paranormal Cinema.
They were kneeled down praying motionless. I asked Snowfire "why are they praying?" Their preparing for the "Divine Intervention,"
"Armageddon." Snowfire said in a calm voice. He said, "their praying for you Jakob." I asked the Angel Snowfire, what me??? why me?!
I don't understand. He put his hand above my head and dropped a light sphere upon me. I began to shape shift into stardust, becoming transparent
and shifting back again to flesh and eventually shape shifted into a small child. I then understood completely what Divine Intervention is truly all about, the true meaning.
The wonder. The force of the Intelligent Star. For I had been given the innocence of a child. For only a child of innocence could
understand "Divine Intervention," as a human. And, I had become a child again. And, only that innocence can come from a human child to lead an Angel Nation.
Only that innocence can lead the Angel Nation into the opposing forces of good and evil.

Snowfire said. We told you before Jakob. You must listen. You must lead this effort. Your must lead the breakaway from the Union to form the new state, the Angel Nation state
along the Mason Dixon line. All counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland touching the line will become the new Angel Nation with a protective barrier of Divine
Intervention. Hate will not be tolerated. You will still have to love your enemy. I know it's hard to love your enemy.
Driving the Demon Chronis, the Reptiles, the Reptilian Demons, the 4th Reich, the Angel of Death himself, Dr. Joesef Mengela and the Illuminati into Virginia. The Monarch Cages
in the underground tunnels between Aberdeen and the Harrisburg State Mental Institution will be torn down. The mind control Experimental Trance Warfare Zone
will be disassembled. The mass microwave mind control Haarp machine in Alaska will begin to sing loudly controlled by the Reptilians.
The planet will heat up fast. Accelerate from the microwave energy. The polar ice caps will begin to melt quickly. Many will burn in the Lake Of Fire outside the
realm of the Angel Nation. Eye sockets will fall from the heads of soldiers before they die from the Nuke blasts and hit the ground. The current mysteriously missing Honeybees
will return from their current genetic recoding by the Reptiles. They will fly and sting. The new Locusts. The Apocalypse. The 2nd Flood will come while the fires burn.

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The believers will be taken up through the light sphere tunnels when the apocalypse begins, disappearing from Earth. Even though you are a Believer Jakob
you will stay here for a time. As a Monarch Cage sufferer and survivor, your experience as an exorcism musician of Divine Intervention and your stint in Hell and
your walk through the Valley Of Death saving the 4 young girls from the Lake Of Fire, you understand somewhat what Jesus went through and from that experience
the Intelligent Star wants you to stay until the actual final days. And, you did draw the short straw when playing with Jesus under the farm house porch, remember?
You will remain in possession of the 4 Spheres of light given to you when you saved those children
from the Lake Of Fire in Hell. Keep the Spheres well hidden in the cave with your cats. Remember the Reptilians hate cats.

Also, Moses has something to give you. A scroll. A song. He's currently in Hellam. On a night when the moon is full and you see 4 stars dance in the dark night sky, go to
the top of the Lauxmont Farm Hilltop near the river. You will be greeted by 4 Steel Greys. Moses will then bring you the scroll.

I told Snowfire that this is quite a lot of stuff to handle don't you think. He laughed. Then I heard a faint voice. A faint echo in the background like coming from a mountain top.
"Keep the faith Jakob." Keep the faith. It sounded like the voice of my childhood friend, Jesus.

Ethal, You know I'm now in love with the 4 Spheres of Light. Very strange. Can't stop thinking about them.
See you at the tunnel next week Ethal. Please be careful the Haarp is watching
Repeat, Haarpo is watching.

Jakob Lemy Zook - Amish Exorcism Musician

To be continued........

Pissed Off angel


ancient secret MINSTREL VaULT of the Blood Moon Clan of the Mysterious Fog Music Guild. ( exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. )
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