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Japanese Mothra Girl Porno Vampire - Burundanga Drug Trancer

Japanese Mothra Girl Porno Vampire of the Martian Werewolf Clan. Traveled the reincarnation route from Feudal Japan 1185 - 1603 through generations. Became a member of the family organization the Martian Werewolf Clan, Porno Vampires who tranced slaves in africa and brought them to america before the Civil War. after the civil war the Clan became involved in illegal trance porn photography. During the 20th century began shooting illegal trance porn and scream films selling them in underground circles and became involved in sex slave trafficking using Trancer Skills, a now multi-billion dollar criminal industry that denies freedom to 20.9 million people around the world. Laughing to Death videos are also made. Burundanga it's shocking blue extract can be givin to a victim and put into a laughter trance. Burundanga can make you laugh and laugh and laugh. Some laugh themselves to death on special stages at Trance Shows they put on underneath the Casinos in Las Vegas each year at the Trancer award shows. They trance and bring in people and celebrities in from around the world without their knowing. They become part of these sex slave, scream and Comic Convulsion films. In Comic Convulsion films victims will literally laugh themselves into convulsions sometimes even death. They call this Comic Convulsions for the shows and videos they make. The also use their master potion trance high skills which have been passed down through their family generations to create mule drug carry human victims who are tranced to carry drugs across borders and Identity thief stealing credit card info and identities. The rogue doctors involved in Project Monarch in the underground tunnels at locations throughout Hex County tunneling below to regions of the aberdeen proving grounds Industrial Military Complex are interested in their skills and in the trancer potions the Clan's chemists have developed. One such extremely powerful trance potion is called Shocking
Blue or Love Potion #
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It is sometimes sprayed over large areas from military TRaNCER PLaNES releasing spray from large canisters which produce what is known as chemtrails for experiments in mind control and then media manipulation for non-lethal warfare. Clan members use aerosol cans or the potion can be blown directly from a hand to spray victims which sends them instantly into a trance and will listen to all suggestions and commands. When they awake from a trance they have no memory that anything has ever occurred developing retrograde amnesia but may experience missing time. One old tactic used to be fake professional photographer would show up at a couples house offering to take pictures for free. If they liked the pictures they could keep them. While under trance illegal porno films and photos were made of the couple. Japanese Mothra Girl a highly bred half human half Reptilian Vampire Drac is highly skilled and very dangerous and a lead Shocking Blue Chemist for the rogue doctors and the Martian Werewolf Clan Porno Vampire Operations. JaKOBS DIaRY LOG. 746454957576466 coordinate be careful the Haarp is watching. REPEaT THE HaaRP IS WaTCHING. BLOODMOON CLaN MEET coordinate 857575655ythhthhh. | Ongoing Full Rock Opera Cinema |


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