Trump Genetics Experiments

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holding the crossJosef Mengele the Nazi angel of death who is still alive going by the name Doctor Green living in Lancaster among the amish is taking youth drugs he developed in the German death camps is now working in the secret underground tunnels at the aberdeen proving grounds military base with rogue doctors and CIA. Josef will be working with Trump and Erik Prince the Monsanto Prince of Darkness and the Blackwater corporate NWO army who just purchased Monsanto for new eugenics human plant based experimentation. They already created a human/plant hybrid which escaped the tunnels called Chronis and is running loose hiding in Hex County. Project Monarch has been ordered by Trump who is now in control of the bloodlines to go in full force gathering children from around the world right now at this moment for eugenics experiments. Those missing children you see on milk cartons. Area 51 another ETWZ (experimental trance non-lethal warfare zone) unit has some of the most sad dangerous human eugenics living distortions beyond imagination who lives in cages there. The only infiltration ever into those units were by the real Jedi's super psychic soldiers of the 2nd Earth Psy Ops Battalion who broke free from the first earth Battalion and went rogue working and is now working for the Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild located in Hex County who broke free from the Templars during the dark ages. 2nd Earth his currently allied with the Free Masons for unknown reasons. First earth battalion Info See
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