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A Reptilian came to me on the day Jesse was going to make a trip to Alaska to see the great electronic mind control beast Haarp. I heard a knock on the door and there he stood. A very large Intelligent Reptile. Hadn't seen this one before. He had arrived in an Amish horse Buggy and dressed like an Amish. Black hat. Black clothes. The Reptilians and members of the Martian Werewolf Clan ride around in Amish Buggies with dark tinted windows. It is great way for them to travel in ETW Zone in Lancaster without having to shape shift.

My immediate thoughts were. Here we go again. Another game play for their show. He asked me, "Jakob, get ready I want to show you the largest most powerful musical instrument ever. A giant Haarp." I immediately knew what he was talking about. The great microwave singing Haarp beast in Alaska. I said, "do I have to really"? He said, "your a musician, why wouldn't you want to see the greatest instrument ever made." I said, I've seen it before. He then mentioned. "Also, Governor Jesse Ventura's coming along. Your a big Fan." I thought here we go again. Another game play episode for one of their game play shows. Of course I knew I'd have to go cause I don't have a choice. I was tranced and wouldn't remember the incident until I got back.

Got into his car and headed off to a location and got into a elevator shaft and went down miles and miles to one of their deep underground rail tunnels and boarded. Their trains move through airless vaccum tunnels with no friction at high speeds. The train took off to Alaska. Got there in around 35 minutes. Came back up a elevator shaft. Got back in a car and ended up boarding a Helicopter with Jesse Ventura inside. Climbed aboard and headed toward Haarp. It was a strange ride inside the Copter with Jesse. The Reptilian told me to sit still and be quiet. In the cockpit he went up to Jesse and the others and said, "Jesse remember you and the crew can't hear or see me or Jakob." And your crew is not to film us. He said right. And then they all started laughing hysterically. This hysterical laughing usually lasts around 30 seconds then everything goes to normal mode. This happens when in the beginning stages of a Reptilian Trance. Me and the Reptilian sat totally still in the back as you need to be totally still to remain completely "cloaked." unnoticed. Some people have been known to wake up during an encounter like this and freak out. So, you don't want that to happen when flying around in a Helicopter. So, we remained completely motionless.

Landed and founded myself in front of the Haarp gate. Many call this gate, the gate to Hell. Their were around 12 Reptilians there with video camera's. I immediately knew this was a game play for their show and their viewing audience. Jesse and the crew were suggested that they couldn't see the Reptiles videotaping and to not videotape us. We're were to remain Cloaked. You can see Jesse's confrontation on the above video. What happened later was more interesting.

The man who came out after speaking to Jesse in the video above, completely tranced Jesse and his crew into what is called the "Psychic Permafrost Mindmelt." In other words, your mind is completely fucked. Completely in mind melt control. Standing totally still now. Staring. Not talking. Jesse and his crew were Wide awake and asleep at the same time in statue formation in a mind melt. Weirdest thing you'll ever see. I've seen animals, dangerous lions, dogs, and so on in a mind melt. You can touch them, they don't move frozen like statues.

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The man said, Jakob your old friend Chronis wants to see you inside. I thought lucky me. With Jesse and his film crew standing outside the gate standing like statues in a mind melt I walk inside the gates. The Reptilian video crew followed.

The guy at the gate was talking to the Reptile I came with as we were making our way walking, when suddenly the guy turned around laughingly and said, "Jakob, ready for the invasion?" How's your web site coming along? The Reptile video crew had their camera's focused on me and were laughing and coming up to see my reaction. I just kept walking, looking straight ahead and kept my mouth shut. Reminding myself It's only a stupid Reptilian reality show. A Reptilian game play for their audience. Made it to the facility and walked inside the Haarp. I didn't see too many other people there. Walked over to an elevator and went deep into the earth. The doors opened up to a large vast complex. I saw Chronis gazing at a very large video screen at the end of the room. He was watching what looked to be a military firefight between Americans and Afgan's on the screen. I approached. I've known Chronis a long time and have been a game player for way too long a time with this Reptile Hybrid. He is what I can only describe as a Eugenics Hybrid nightmare. Half Reptile, half human or maybe not human. Green from head to toe. Scales, large reptile like hands. Large feet. Very tall. Around 12 ft. I approached.

"Jakob, see you made it." How's your web site coming along. Letting the people know about the mind control invasion? I said yea, Chronis letting everyone know. Chronis spoke. "You know Amish Jakob boy, I have a thought. How about featuring me on one of your youtube videos? Everybody knows your crazy. Talking about Reptilians and mind control and all that insane conspiracy loony stuff that no one believes. At least not yet. And who will care?" I said, "sure got a movie in the works right now that I want you to star in. It's called "Chronis the Great meets the Three Stooges." When do we begin filming?" Your are a smart ass Jakob. I should eat you. Amish taste good. Finger lickin good. Chronis, if you were going to eat me and drink my blood you would have done it a long time ago. I hissed back mocking in a Reptile impersonation voice. "You haven't eatin me because you can't. There is a reason why and someday I will know why. Why deep down inside you I sense you fear me Chronis." Chronis hissed deeply. "I fear nothing, especially not you Jakob....Your Amish ham. maybe someday..someday.....Jakob..... The game will end....And then.....I'll eat you.

I mocked back. "Maybe the game will end and I'll eat you Chronis."

Jakob we shouldn't throw insults at each other. Maybe someday we could be friends. For now Jakob I do want to be in your next youtube video. I know your working on Gargons Of Ganymede. Write me in for that one. It'll be a good game. Follow the rules and no one gets hurt. Remember what happened at the Peach Bottom Nuke plant in Delta when all the guards were put to trance, or the scare at three mile Island, or Mikes Nut shop in York blowing up, or the sewer caps blowing off main street there with no explanation when you refused the game and didn't follow the rules? It could have been real messy, but you were smart enough to get back into the game. Do the same here.
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Chronis email your script then and I'll put you in. "You know Jakob, you should be honored to know of the Reptilians and how much superior we are to you humans. Your superior to humans too Jakob. Oh, a slip of the tongue there Jakob." "What do you mean Chronis?" Am I Reptilian, a Hybrid? Ha, Ha, Jakob pulled your chain there for the camera's Amish boy.
Reptiles are superior? What about the Reptilian 6? They think we are all equal. Reptilians and Humans together. Spiritual existence. What about your favorite human buddy Josef Mengele? Superior to Reptiles? "Fuck the Reptilian 6. I'd eat everyone of them if I could." Their ruining our culture. Josef is different Jakob. "I thought," yea, I bet he is.
"Anyway, our conversation is over. I'm missing out on this Afgan firefight here on my big screen. Love sports you know. Have a safe trip back Jakob and don't forget to wear the tin foil hat!" Bring your exorcism guitar Cinderella along the next time and play me a tune! We'll have a duet. Me playing the Haarp and you on guitar! Chronis was laughing loudly at his statement along with the entire Reptile crew videotaping our conversation.
Headed back up the elevator back to the gates outside. Jesse was still standing there along with his crew. Standing totally still. Tranced. Like statues. It's the oddest thing you'll ever see. People in a Reptilian Trance. The Reptile with me went up to Jesse and spoke. "Jesse, you and the crew can get back to your adventure now." Start here at the gates where you left off with the guard. Just like that the crew started moving around and Jesse began his conversation with the guard again as if nothing had happened.
Jesse got back on the Helicopter with crew and left. I along with the Reptilian entered another elevator shaft nearby with their film crew, boarded an underground fast speed shuttle and took off. I'm now here back home on my computer gaining a memory. Sitting here jotting down the memories in my Diary and preparing to put Chronis in the movies. And of my trip with the Governor. TRUE STORY? JAKOBS DIARY. HEX COUNTY JOURNALS - Jakob Lemy Zook Amitiel