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Receive your own personal copy of this very powerful exorcism guitar solo. Drive out evil in possessed homes and hauntings. Great Supernatural Gear for Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters anyone where strange unexplained things are going on in their homes in and around their property that need to be driven away. Play at an extreme loud volume through a stereo system while throwing holy water throughout a room on a person or property you believe to be possessed for best results. Purchase now It may change your life.Supernatural Music Gears are now turning Lenny LionStar Marshal Supernatural Action Gear Guitarist
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God is the forest you can't see. But you look past the trees and find him as he is there waiting for you to find him all along. Most people are so earthbound they cannot see the forest of truth. That truth and fact are much stranger than fiction. And existence way beyond these organic machines we live and operate in a 3d world. Our soul is cosmic internal which are the real us ( human awareness ) which we operate our human body with which. Like a person driving a car. The body is finite and will wear out and die or get killed. The soul the real you moves on to a different mode of movement. There are 12 dimensions of existance. Hell is one of them. Just because you don't believe God would let such a place exists doesn't mean it doesn't. There are hells on earth in our 3d world and their are hells in the before and afterlife worlds in the supernatural spiritual worlds in God's kingdom. God is trying to save as many souls as he can from that horrible realm called Hell where the rogue angel satan rules the land. A burning star with your soul embedded in it. God is a non burning star your embedded in it where all is bliss. A wonder unimaginable. Fact and real truth is much much stranger than fiction. Good and Evil are two absolute truths living side by side. People choose sides everyday here and will carry it with them into cosmos, eternity at which time they'll be no turning back on your choice for that's why God made his human invention in the first place was to give choice. And he loved his invention even though he was warned of the truth by Amitiel the Angel of truth of what was to happen to the future of man if he continued. But he so loved he let it all continue to this day but some day God will end it all and start over again us for those seeking the change. Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Supernatural action gears guitarist, the cedar valley minstrel of heavencan - More Blog

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