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Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Blood Moon Clan GuitaristThe Supernatural Gospel Gears are now Turning in Hex County. JaKOBS DIaRY TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY CONSPIRaCY. JD Log entry 16
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10693043-largeethal The Buzzard Demon Fisher Supernatural Reptilian Demon Scout for amish exorcism guitarist Jakob Lemy Zook of the ancient Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild. Psychic Death Eater Bird of the Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild working on the online Opera JaKOBS DIaRY TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY The Project Monarch Conspiracy. aiding as a scout in exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society.

The Little Dead Girl continued 03/17/04 JD Log entry 16
NiGht of The Buzzard. When I fin
ally met Ethal the psychic buzzard who became my paranormal scout on supernatural journeys throughout Hex County PennSYLTranceSYLVania in the ETWZ ( experimental trance warfare zone )
Was driving down an old dirt logging country road near the old Butteroff Farm when I noticed many many Buzzards sitting in the dead trees of the forest. I've heard that Buzzards are descendants of Mothmen. I stopped the car as I know some of these Buzzards in the area. As a ghost hunter and now exorcism musician (learned from the legendary exorcism musician Jakob Lemy Zook) you learn to communicate psychically with buzzards.
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Buzzards understand death. They eat death. They love the smell of death. They seek out death. Their digestive systems are made to consume the dead. Finding death is their life. And as a paranormal ghost hunter and exorcist you learn to communicate with the buzzards as they can tell you who has died. The missing dead. Where to find bodies of lost souls who have met untimely deaths as they may have consumed the body. Lost souls now wandering. Buzzards love all things dead including finding a dead tree to roost in at night.
I looked up above my car and the large dead Locus tree directly above me was filled with buzzards. I then noticed a ghostly very large, nearly pitch black lone buzzard sitting alone in a gangly dead tree down in the hollow. The evening was getting dark. They were beginning to roost high up in the trees for the night. I began to sense a communication from the lone buzzard in the hollow. The buzzard looked transparent with black dark feathers which seemed to sway in the darkness as the wind blew through the trees. The communication of a buzzard is a communication in death. You can smell the odor of death in your mind. A psychic communication that you can hear in your mind. A very ancient communication.

The buzzard spoke. "The little girl your looking for is from Gettysburg." But, beware of Pig Girl. I fell asleep that night and dreamed I was in an elavator going down, down to a bottom basement floor. Drifting down to the bottom floor morgue basement of the York hospital. The elavator came to a stop and the doors opened. There were 4 men and a woman standing at the entrance. They we're smiling strangely....and pointing to a dark room in the basement. I then heard a choir sing Necrophilia.....Re-creation vocals performed by the Supernatural Gears along with the minstrel unit The Donovan Dreamer Quintet Necrophilia.... Necrophilia.... Necrophilia.... (?.....). Necrophilia..... Go down to the Cellar boy (?) Go down to the bottom floor (?) She waits for you in there (?) She waits for you in there....... (?)
JD LOG ENTRY 16 PROFILE: ETHaL. There is a Reptilian who goes by the name Dracula modeled after the legendary blood drinking vampires. The myth of the Vampire is the reality of the Reptilian. Reptilians engage in blood drinking rituals and drink the blood of small children and Babies. That's why I call this place, here along the Mason Dixon Line region, "PennsylTrancesylVania." Ethal The Buzzard Demon Fisher is in pursuit of Dracula the Reptilian and a GMO half plant half human Chronis, a eugenics nightmare.
Ethal the Buzzard Demon Fisher has been around me since childhood. I didn't really met her until later I noticed the Buzzard was always there on the Diary Farm always watching me. She can smell death. She guided me when I escaped the Monarch Cages from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland to the Amish family in Lancaster that raised me. She is a Child of God, a Child of the Intelligent Star. She eats death. Can eat rotten flesh. Decaying poison flesh. Can eat poison arsenic and all kinds of other extreme poisons such as contaminated radiation. Her digestive system is paranormal. I keep a plant near my cabin cave in the woods call the Carrion or Corspe flower.

The flower smells like rotting flesh and she is attracted to the scent like a Bee to honey. . Ethal loves it. Ethal can Shape Shift. Sometimes showing up as a deer in the woods. I met Ethal as a child playing in the woods.

The Angel Snowfire asked Ethal to look after me. She has been my friend ever since and assists me in exorcisms. We communicate through text messaging in the air. Sentences appearing above our heads in the air. Soon we will exorcise many Government facilities around the world. Maybe even rid the world of the Reptilian New World Order Mind Control threat. Ethal has taught me death. I no longer fear the process of going through death because of her. After the Psychic PermaFrost in my brain was melted, was torn open by the Nazi Angel of Death Dr. Mengela through experimentation as a child under the Project Monarch Mind Control Program a hole was torn in my mind between the Paranormal and material world. Megele called his child experiments LITTLE SWINE. After my escape from the underground tunnels. Ethal taught me how to Shape Shift. How to completely melt the psychic permafrost in my mind. How to access a part of the brain to cause a sped up evolutionary process changing the design of the body. "Sped up evolution," the ability to change into different species and people quickly which normally takes millions of years. Sped up evolution. Sped up at light speed. Intelligent design and evolution working together in the mind and body at light speed. Through millions of years Reptilians evolved the ability to shape shift with ease. Along with their electronic "Mind Control Cloaking Devices." You think Bio-Cloaking technology doesn't exist? Think about your brain for a minute. About what your brain really is. What it does. How it operates. What it's for. It's purpose. Your brain made up of millions of neurons using electrical communication to perceive reality. A brain that can be made to be told what to see how to feel and what not to see. What not to see with an electronic Cloaking Device. It's actually easy to create an emotion generator and mind control cloaking device. All the parts you need to create such a device can easily be obtained cheaply at your local Radio Shack. I use one myself. But not for evil. The CIA and Joesef Mengela are heavily involved in this Bio-technology and youth and trance mind control drug technology for they believe they can perfect Man. They've already turned Men into Women and Women into Men through horrific permanent Shape Shifting experiments with no turning back to the original. Ethal can smell Demons, the Reptilians, because Demons are dead alive. Paranormal. She can smell a Reptilian who has shape shifted into a Human. Ethal will play a major role in the coming of the ETWZ. The Mind Control Invasion along the Mason Dixon Line Region. Evil beyond Evil. The Game. The game of suffering and pleasure. The game of the mind. The "Melting of the Psychic PermaFrost." courtesy of Haarp, shape shifting and Shocking Blue Trance drug bio-technology. You've been warned. Wake up. Hang in there. Moses was a basket case too. Again be warned, "Life is Stranger Than Fiction." The Good news. All this goes against everything God the intelligent Star wanted. So, the Angel Nation at the Arch Of Life in Philadelphia is amassing in the Paranormal and are coming soon in the physical. Up the Susquehanna river to a Statue of Christ standing now in the middle of the river. Jesus will walk on the water leading the way. Change is coming. In the mean time Ethal is in the pursuit of the Reptilian Dracula. Anyway, download the song, play for your friends and tell them about my friend Ethal. Download the song, play for your friends and tell them about my friend Ethal. Who may be someday your friend too. DEVIL DUSTER, TRANCE OF THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY - Jakob's Diary. To be continued.............. The night the Porno Trancer from the Martian Werewolf Clan Pig Girl Showed Up...........................
Log entry 6785 Be careful the Haarp is watching repeat the Haarp is watch
There is an evil
An evil beyond evil
A Super evil
traveling through time through centuries
living in the black plague
the first use of germ warfare
Since 1945 that evil as emerged along a region
known as the expermental trance warefare Zone
infiltrated by Joeseph Megela, Nazi Doctors and german scientists.

The final war is coming
The battle for minds is begginning.
The demon Prophet EZu Zu now controls a secret electronic microwave device known as Haarp.
A ancient Ghost Hunter exorcism musician Lestat Maison is summonded by the death birds, buzzards. Summoned to the King and Queen seat in rocks, Maryland. The ancient meeting place of the great warrior Susquhannoc tribe destroyed by Genocide.
A old buzzard tells Lestat to travel to Gettysburg to the Gettysburg hotel to find the ghost of a dead little girl who haunts the halls with a confederate soldier.
They hold the secret. Of the coming super evil.
The true battle of Armeggeddon.
for a drug derivative of power and evil
A mind control pharmacetical extract of evil known as

4 unlikely paranormal travelers through time
an Amish exorcism musician and ghost hunter,
Japenese mothra girl, Lennon Cybermodster and
Count Zadar Von Liquid Ott are sent forth by the arc angel Michael
sent forth
to warn of the coming new super evil that has emerge
descended down upon heaven and earth
Satan and Izzu the mothman prophet threatens to bring about the ultimate evil

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Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel of Heavencan and Jakob Lemy Zook the amish exorcism
Reptilian underground population in the world aberdeen Proving Grounds Supernatural Gospel Gears - Exposing Demonic Elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society.

ancient secret MINSTREL VaULT of the Blood Moon Clan of the Mysterious Fog Music Guild. ( exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. )
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