Crimson RedLakw the Cerealian alien from the Draco sector - JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY - online ongoing Opera by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal

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Crimson RedLakw the Celeralian Minstrel
Crimson Redlake the Celeralian Minstrel alien from the Draco Constellation

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Crimson RedLakw the Celeralian Minstrel from the Draco Constellation. Celeralians have
landing field at the apollo park with ships stacked high from the ground up through
the earths atmosphere into space. Hundreds of ships cloaked.
They are watching
the Draco Dracs the Reptilians closely as they are currently leaving en masse from the tunnel networks in the underground
complex of Hex County and into the apollo park landing field cloaking themselves with cloaking devices along the way. The Dracs have been in the area since the Civil War and went to the Gettysburg battlefield
to drink the blood of the dead soldiers and wounded at night. Many settled along the
Lincoln Highway extending from York to Gettysburg and moved into the tunnels
beginning in Rehmeyers Hollow.
Nelson Rehmeyer was a shape shifting high bred Drac although in local legend was a pow wow witch along with Nellie Noll the River Witch Of Marietta.

Many hybrid Mothmen are in the area at the apollo park landing field. The military has been going into the tunnels
recently and executing and killing many of the Dracs
and Mothmen as there is a rebellion taking place among a sect of the
Dracs who no longer drink hum
an blood, a thousands of years old tradition, who are called the Repitilian 6 who live in the Reptilian 6 underground sector. The Reptilian 6
are no longer working with the Monarch rogue mind control non-lethal warfare experimental units within the Industrial Military Complex
with the NWO human pitbull bred bloodlines. Conflict is bre
aking out..........

Celeralian Males are born blind and use a native animal which is a large eyeball equipped with an organic USB port that actually connects to the
electronic arms which gives the male Celeralian eye sight. These large eyeball like creatures are plentiful in Celeralia.
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