Blood Moon Minstrel Clan Conspiracy Glossary of Terms - JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY - online ongoing Opera by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal


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Blood Moon Clan of the Mysterious Fog Glossary of Terms:

Cinematic Mind Reel - Movie like experiences are played in the mind which seems totally real whether real or not
development by the mind control experiments by rogue doctors in the Project Monarch program.
Project Monarch
aNGEL NaTION - on the counties from Pennsylvania to Delaware touching the Mason Dixon Line will succeed from the american union forming a new nation, the angel nation the only sanctuary in the gobal world when all borders will cease under NWO New World Order control of the entire world by the bloodline human pitbull rulers.
Celestial Greens - a political party of the Trumpet Templars of using the highest technology and intelligent minds in the world to bring the world back to the way it was in Eden before the apple incident.
Media Mind Melt - Melting the psychic permafrost. Delta Slate Hex County
Reincarnation Route - Being born and dying generation after generation down through the ages. Many of the Trumpet Templars and Blood Moon Clan Minstrels travel this route through history
involved in exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in human society through each generation.
TILIaNIaN EVOLUTION - Reptilians shape shift into human form by a process know as Tilanian Evolution. Like Darwins theory of evolution where it may take millions of years to evolve Reptilians can evolve fast from seconds to minutes to evolve into a human in a sped up evolutionary process. During the Tilianian Evolution process Reptilian Dracs can transform into bats, humans, human hybreds, wolves almost any species here on earth. This is where the Vampire Dracula myth of transforming into a bat began and the name Dracula the name came from the Draconian, Draco, Dracs, DRaCULa. When Brom Stoker wrote his book he was aware of these shape shifting Dracs which is where he came up with the Idea for the book Dracula and his supernatural shape shifting abilities.
artian Werewolf Clan - Family organization of Burundanga Shocking Blue Trancers dating back to before the Civil War. Brought slaves over from africa for the slave trade in america through the use of the trance drug Burundanga Potion. When the war was over went into the illegal porn photography trancer business then eventually to the modern day porn video business.

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ancient secret MINSTREL VaULT of the Blood Moon Clan of the Mysterious Fog Music Guild. ( exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. )