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gers-smll-2The Supernatural Gears are now Turning in Hex County

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Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly
JD Log Entry 11 - Amitiel, A SupernAturAl Traveling GeAr Angel Of Truth, Blood Moon Clan Of the Mysterious Fog HEX COUNTY PennSYLTrAnceSYLVaniA
The Supernatural Gears are now turning in Hex County PennsylTrancesylvania
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Amitiel The Truth Angel - SupernAturAl Gospel GeArs
JD Log Entry 11 - Amitiel Angel Of Truth Blood Moon Clan, Mysterious Fog Minstrel Guild
Amitiel is the Angel of Truth who was burnt by the Intelligent Star for the warning that Humans should not be made for they would become corrupt with choice and freedom becoming evil and would destroy Eden which happened in the apple incident. The Intelligent Star so loved his human creation that he had Amitiel burnt to deAth Along with another unknown angel and revived to walk the earth until the end of humans rein on earth when amitiel and the unknown will to be returned back to the Celestial Void of Bliss. A truth teller who travels with exorcism musician and Monarch childhood ritual abuse victim Jakob Lemy Zook & Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel of Heavencan and the traveling band of musicians known as the Supernatural Gospel Gears. AMitiel warns of liars and the lies told by demonic elements on their musical journeys with the Supernatural Gears exorcising regions and humans mostly in Hex County which is the most paranormal region in the world and the center of the Project Monarch eugenics and mind control experiments by the NWO and the Reptilians living in underground tunnels throughout the region with main entrances in Seven Valleys and Rehmeyer's Hollow Pa.
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Traveling in the backwoods and old dirt roads into strange areas of Hex County performing
paranormal cleansing expeditions with The Supernatural Gospel Gears Band throughout Hex County PennSYLTranceSYLvania and the surrounding region and sometimes throughout Europe when ordered by the Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild. The Gears have encountered a GMO eugenic experimental human mutation called Chronis and Reptilians at the underground tunnels in 7 Valleys and Nebulon aliens at the apollo park alien landing field near the river in Long Level. The park was named after the space program and is located in the remote back country of Hex County. Hex York County Pa is the strangest most paranormal government conspiratorial
region in the world. The ancient Blood Moon Clan was brought into the area ordered by the ancient Trumpet Templars Of The Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild which broke off from the original Templars when they became coin gluttons corrupt with power and is now centered in Hex County. Summoned by

excommunicated Trumpet Templars who have been exposing the NWO ( New World Order bloodlines ) for centuries. Amitiel after being burned by the Intelligent Star was turned human to walk the earth along with the Unknown but has Reptilian DNa and many supernatural gifts as a Truth Teller exorcist helping to expose demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society called Project Monarch with the Blood Moon Clan. Jakob after his current reincarnation was born and captured and experiment on in the underground Monarch cages as a child along with a girl called Mary. He escaped the cages. Mary was left behind. He hasn't seen her since and has been trying to find her for most of his life. Amitiel is reincarnate along with most of the clan and has been traveling with Jakob since the dark ages with the Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild with members that are human, reptilian, and some Draco Vampires who are decendants of the Dracs the blood drinking shape shifting ( example: shape shifting into a bat ) Reptilian Vampires from the Draco Sector in the constellation Orion which is where the Dracula Vampire ( Draco, Dracs ) so called myth came but is real how it came about and originated. Not all are evil and some are hybrids with human genetics. The largest sector of Dracs live in huge underground tunnels in Hex County Pa tunnels extending to secret rogue underground military bases in the region. They have bullet trains which run coast to coast at high speeds buried deep in the earth. Amitiel is a strong major force in the Guild. Some consider her a fallen Angel causing controversy as to her role and the role of the Unknown angel without a name in the Clan. A clAsh an opposition within the guild is starting to boil over concerning amitiel and the unknown as they are considered fallen even though the Intelligent Star has promised them Bliss after wandering for thousands of years on Earth. Jakob Lemy Zook JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY
ancient secret MINSTREL VaULT of the Blood Moon Clan of the Mysterious Fog Music Guild. ( exposing demonic elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in our society. )
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Amitiel, A SupernAturAl Traveling GeAr Angel Of Truth
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"Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly Series - Video Music Overture"

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