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PROJECT Monarch MIND CONTROL INVASION: JaKOBS Diary “Horror Trance of the Monarch Butterfly.” THE STORY OF amish exorcism musician Jakob Lemy Zook WRITTEN BY LENNY WILES LIONSTaR MaRSHaL SUPERNaTURaL GOSPIEL GEaRS GUITaRIST.

Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly

ETWZ - Experimental Trance Warfare Zone
Trance Pornography & The Martian Werewolf Clan.

Mind ControlI've learned through dreams and memories from "Greensleeves" that there is an experiment surrounding my life and others in these farmlands in trying to find a cure for this devastating mental disorder Schizophrenia through the experimental and illegal use of this notorious trance drug Burundanga. An experiment now abandoned, but still in operation illegally by rogue elements at the aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland. The Nazi angel of Death Josef Mengele is involved still alive with his 3 sons in Lancaster taking youth drugs he developed during WW2 in the concentration camps.

I've been told there is an illuminati doctor team in a nearby State Mental Institution that was involved in this hideous experiment in mind control by implanting "false memories and providing fake and real realities into unsuspecting victims in this secluded part of Pennsylvania." They were trying to find a cure for schizophrenia and believe that what they had done was heroic. I've learned that they consider the victims of their cruel drugged mind control experiments, "Hero's." A neccesary evil sacrifice of mental lives to find a cure for this devastating mental disorder.
I've learned that the connection between the illegal pornographers and the rogue psychiatric doctors are this:
Burundanga is illegal in the U.S. except for use in medical circles. The Martian Werewolf Clan goes back nearly 200 years when they were involved in the African slave trade with the use of Burundanga. Since the 1950's the Illuminati team working at the mental institution supplied the so called Porno Vampires with Burundanga because the mental institution receives the drug legally making it easy for the MW Clan to obtain. The Porno Vampires alliance with the doctors was to drug and implant "false memories" (FM's) and use brainwashing through the use of Burundanga to make victims mentally ill. "Human Guinea Pigs." Victims are then studied and monitored, some for life, many commited suicide and many become institutionalized diagnosed with Schizophrenia. cyber goth dating - gothic people looking for a dateMy own mother has been a life long sad tragedy caused by these experiments. In return the Porno Vampires in the so called "Martian Werewolf Clan" are allowed to use this strange trance drug and their other technology to "trance" victims, for illegal porn films distributed in underground circles in the porn industry. Part of the money made from the Clan was then siphoned back to fund the mental instituton's illuminati's experiments

Keep reading to learn what these demon possessions really are. Are they real? Or, are they imagined? In addition I am currently working privately with the Alien Plantlife Project. Making a video "Burundanga Trance Music To The Sun" I'll keep you posted here. A trip into this horrifying new world of mind control and of the 200 year old Martian Werewolf Clan and of the horrendous experiments going on at the State Mental Institution mentioned.
Exorcism music that reflects a terrifying reality of waking dream memories involving illegal Porno Vampires and the mad psychatric doctor illuminati experiments and unusual sex collections of pornography and mind rape films and videos and mental casualties going way way back which includes very well known celebrities, movie stars and famous people. In fact you won't believe who I've learned who has been videotaped sexually and mind raped and is part of this weird underground Porno Vampire Martian Werewolf collection, films and videos over the past century.
Videos and films, I've been told the Werewolf clan is threatening to release to the tabloid shows on the cable networks.
Listen in music to the strange Amish witch love potions and mind rape music and Zombie drug world, FM's and RM's - False and real memories implanted. Listen to modernized electronic ancient exorcism music passed down for centuries but modernized with electric instruments mainly the guitar.
Ride along through music through old York Hex County Pennsylvania dirt back roads through strangely dark and beautiful country hollows with me Jakob Lemy Zook exorcist musician at night. Me, The demon extraction musician in this rural back woods German/Irish/ Amish area. Meet Lennon Cybermodster (not his real name) my friend and drummer who also experiences strange dreams, dreams that tell him that he is the reincarnation of an ancient 900 year old Mohawk Indian. (all programed thoughts that he cannot shake) Lennon sometimes plays pow wow drums at exorcisms. On electronic bass Lute is Count Zadar Von Liquid Ott (not his real name) who's dreams tell him that he is a 12th century old vampire. (his thoughts too have been programed as part of the mind control experiments and he cannot shake off that thought) He sometimes performs hex bass at some exorcisms -

(The demon possessions are in fact FM's. Implated memories of demons in victims that have been programmed by the MW Clan to believe that only my showing up and performing a musical exorcism will the demons be extracted from their being. And of course this happens after an exorcism cause victims here have been programmed to believe that they will not be saved until an exorcism is performed - I know this and this is now part of the "Game.") In fact, it seems everyone in this rural area in Pennsylvania has programming imbedded in their minds.
You won't believe your eyes and ears. Listen to the demon exorcism music from the Opera that I now must perform to save victims from an imagined demon possession hell in this Amish and rural countryside of southern Pennsylvania known as Hex York County which drives demons (FM's) from lost souls. This area is the location where the famous Hex Witch John Reymeyer was murdered in the 1920's. There are real demons. There called REPTILIANS. They can possess your mind but, not your soul. Hex and Amish Lancaster Counties in Pa. "PennSYLtranceSYLvania" is ground zero for the Reptilians. This area is the location of most of the Monarch Tunnels holding thousands of Cages with children and victims. Also, there are thousands of old coal tunnels in the area.
A strange ritualistic location known as "Reymeyer's Hollow." Meet a nortorious cast of real life characters in the Martian Werewolf Trance Clan. Encounter Pig Girl, (Master Burundanga Sprayer, and Trancer) Princess Christiva, (known porn and b-movie star, porn people who've gotten involved in this nightmare saga thinking it was innocent and harmless, some who now want out but can't get out, you know what I mean,) Beer Girl, PT Boat Mortal Combat Girl (well known B Movie star).

Ride into the strange exotic tranced horror insane and terrifying schizophrenic mind control worlds of the Cedar Valley Minstrel, Exorcism Music and Fake Demon Extraction the story of my life and my band of musical exorcists and mind control victims and casualties. A story taking place now as I work on this web site. Take a journey into the Burundanga and Shocking Blue world of mind control. Meet me at "Moon Dream River" - ENTER A PORNO VAMPIRE OPERA..........The New Era Of Super Evil - In the ETWZ - Experimental Trance Warefare Zone. PennSYLtranceSYLvania The Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly

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"Sorry I have to use the foul "sexual language" in the way I use it in this story but, I feel that if I don't present these facts in this way I won't get through. This is not the time to be polite." You are now forwarned, parents for gods sack, watch your kids, don't let the government do this for you.

Hex County York is where many of the large child Monarch cages were and still are since the 1950's.
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This project the rock opera TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY is taking place along the Mason Dixon Line region north of the Aberdeen Military Proving Grounds in Lancaster, Pa extending to the Point Pleasant, "Mothman Region," extending to the electronic microwave mind control "Haarp" region in Alaska, with frequency waves pointing back to Lancaster, Pa. An experiment in mind control is taking place in this region, a mind control region known as the ETWZ. A (New World Order Mind Melt) called "Melting the Psychic Permafrost." In an area where the Amish school slayings took place. Was the Lancaster milkman Charles Roberts who committed the slayings abducted as a child for 3 months and forced to live in a Monarch Cage? Is it possible..? Do you know what's real. Do you think you truly know reality? Can truth truly be stranger than fiction? You be the judge.....although it doesn't matter cause the mind control invasion is here now. An invasion called, "Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly." THE HAARP is singing in an opera of mind control across the land as you read this. Singing to you at night.

Trance of the Monarch Butterfly is named after the butterfly formation that forms in the brain of a schizoprenic. A formation studied by the doctors at Aberdeen. A formation which is now forming in your brain. But, you don't know it. A formation of Mind Control. Psychotronic Slavery of the New World Order. BILDENBERGER BANKERS.
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