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Receive your own personal copy of this very powerful exorcism guitar solo. Drive out evil in possessed homes and hauntings. Great Supernatural Gear for Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters anyone where strange unexplained things are going on in their homes in and around their property that need to be driven away. Play at an extreme loud volume through a stereo system while throwing holy water throughout a room on a person or property you believe to be possessed for best results. Purchase now It may change your life.

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Songs from the ancient TEMPLAR MINSTREL VAULT. Lenny Wiles Sci Fi Space Rock Action Guitarist has been playing and recording since 1967. Lenny belongs to no country and travels mostly alone as a Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel through Dreamscapes into the Celestial Wilds of the Universe.
Lenny Is a member of the ancient Trumpet Templar Music Minstrel Guild The Order of The Blood Moon Clan dating back to the dark ages up to modern times and is owner of CyberModster Going Rogue Records and Gear 51 Music Video Cinematography Productions. Has contributed to the secret and mysterious Quasar Light space rock files and currently plays and records in York (Hex County) Pa. John Lennon was a member of this secret guild. Was a member of the early 80's Psychedelic Cyberpunk Space Rock band Quasar Light recording the LP "Experience This," which is a highly sought after collectors record and has been featured in the THE ACID ARCHIVES volume one of the top books featuring underground psychedelic music. The band played many live performances playing at the famed CBGB's punk club in NYC. Lenny recorded with and produced the legendary Amish Exorcism Minstrel Jakob Lemy Zook a member of the Guild and The Rock band The Mysterious Fog.
Lenny is currently in the Gear 51 recording and cinematography studio with the band Supernatural Gears along with Jakob Lemy Zook, Lennon Cybermodster, Geronimo Hisser and Sam Rockwell working on a new cyberspace Album THE MYSTERIOUS FOG OF HEX COUNTY "Pushing The Paranormal Lever Part 1," a new Cyberspace only Psychedelic Punk Space Rock release about the Reptilians and Bumble Bee Ganti Aliens now at the Apollo Park Starship Landing Field in Brogue Hex County Pa. The Supernatural Gears are now turning.....as Lenny Wiles LionStar Marshal is pushing the new Paranormal Lever of sound & music from the new and dangerous Reptilian wildlands of interstellar space. Relaying back to earth music from the new planet Keplar 22 b in the Draco constellation as he ventures into the wilds of the cloaked Apollo Park Landing field walking down into the underground tunnels deep beneath the area. Stay tuned and check back for updates on this new music adventure in the unknown. Read about my alien encounter on the family farm as a boy. Questions? Contact me We need funding for our next recording LP. Please feel free to make a donation to help us so we may continue

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(P) The copyright in sound recordings and video is owned by Cybermodster Going Rogue Recordings, Gear 51 Studios & Cinema Ltd. (C) 2002 Supernatural Gears Partnership under exclusive license to Cybermodster Recordings Ltd. All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work reserved. It may not be sold, transferred, altered or copied (including burning and uploading to the internet) without the express prior written approval of Cybermodster Going Rogue Recordings Ltd.