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MIND CONTROL DECEPTION & THE CYBERNETIC KILLING FLOORS: True Story? You be the judge of what is real and what is not real in a monarch mind control game. I'm Jakob Lemy Zook, Amish Exorcism Guitarist for the the 2nd Earth Psy Ops Battalion. The MYSTERIOUS FOG Unit. A Trumpet Templar. I was abducted as a child for mind control experimentation for the New World Order's Project Monarch program. Joesef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death experimented on my Pineal Gland which tore open a gateway to other dimensions and created the ability in me to Remote view. I later escaped the underground experimental Monarch Tunnels where thousands of other children from around the world are kept and experimented on.

After my escape, I was givin an exorcism guitar called "Millie," at age 14 by two master Amish and Arabian guitar makers. My current exorcism guitar is called Cinderella. I possess a Database Disk that was givin to me by a time traveler who's name is John Tidor containing information going back to when Adam and Eve walked the gardens and contains information about the current NWO. "The New World Order." I live an existence in a fog. The "Mysterious Fog." A mystery wrapped in an enigma. I don't understand my life. But I learn more everyday.

I grew up on a Diary Farm in South Eastern Pa. Mainly York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There was a
Reptilian there who worked on the farm. I called him the "The Burning Man." I call this place, "Pennsyl-Trancesyl-Vania," in relation to Vampires because of the Blood drinking rituals of the Reptilians. The myth of the Vampire is actually the truth of the Reptilian. Reptilians are where the Vampire legends came from. Reptilians are Vampires. Shape shifters. Think Bats here who shift from a Vampire to a Bat. Think hypnotic Trancers like the Dracula myth. Hypnotizing victims. And like Vampires of demonic elements imagine a creature that has an appetite for sex and rape like Vampires. A creature who has lived among us for thousands of years. Underground. Only these creatures are real. Reptilians. The area I'm living in is ground zero for mind control activity and the huge Reptilian tunnel networks that exists underground along with the operations of the equally notorious Martian Werewolf Clan. There is a huge Reptilian tunnel network underground in a state park here in York County called Reymeyers Hollow. They sometimes venture through these tunnel underground networks into the small nearby city of York and come up through residents basements for trance sex.
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The Martian Werewolf Clan an illegal trance porn, credit card thief and family organization has been in this area also for a hundred years. And was involved in the U.S. Slave trade before the Civil War. They are master "Devil Dusters" and "Porno Vampires." Shocking Blue Trance masters at blowing the Devil's Breath blown from a hand or sprayed from an aerosol can directly into victims faces to trance them instantly for sex or to steal credit card information. The Devil's Dust. An oderless colorless trance drug mist that is made from a flower called "Burundanga." There is a more powerful extract made from this plant called Shocking Blue. This is the worlds' most powerful mind control drug and is now being used by the NWO and sprayed from large aerosol cans from Airplanes called Chemtrails for large population mind control experiments. The Porno Vampires have an "antidote," that they take before a raid so they are not affected by the drug.

I've actually met many Reptilians and members of the Werewolf Clan. They have not harmed me physically. Not all are evil. But, they continually keep me in a mind "game play," along with many others in this area. I know of the game. Most don't. Most don't know their in a game and many mind control victims from different regions of the world end up here and become lost forever in a game called the
"Cybernetic Killing Floor. The ultimate psychic mind melting of the permafrost and end up dying in "Scream Films."

A Reptilian worked on my Dad's Dairy farm. I called him the
burning man. Because he looked like he was burned with spots all over his body. He was green from head to toe. I touched his skin once because he wanted me to know that he wasn't burned. He always shape shifted to human form when around my family. Not all Reptilians are evil. Just like not all people are evil. I think I might be a Hybrid and I seem to be caught up in a massive Reptilian "game play." Reptilians and the Martian Werewolf Trance Porn Clan love to play games. A strange man used to pick me up in a green car, mostly in the summer and take me to the Aberdeen Proving grounds military base in Maryland. I saw thousands of children there. Stacked high in cages in underground tunnels. These tunnels extend outward up to the Harrisburg State mental institution. There is a large tunnel network there. Huge steel doors along the way with locks. I was in a cage behind one of these steel locked door rooms in the tunnel network with a girl named Mary and a Boy named Billy. And many other children from the area and around the world. It was a government mind control experiment called "Project Monarch." They would take me home after two months being there usually in August. I would seem to suddenly wake up and wonder where the summer went. Thinking wasn't is just yesterday I was let out of school for the summer vacation? My parents would have no idea. They were all mind controlled. I was experimented on by Dr. Josef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death. Through these experiments I became a youth shape shifter. Can shift my biological age back and forth. I cannot shift like the Reptilians. They can shift into different species of life forms through a process known as "Sped up evolution." Where it may take millions of years for a fish to evolve into a walking creature on land. Reptilians can shift almost instantly through sped up evolution.

As a child and later as an adult I began to have Alien encounters with Steel Greys, (drank beer with them on more than one occasion. And still do. Very tall creatures. Very intelligent. Very majestic. They like Budweiser. No lie. I'm totally serious. Seen Angels and been to Hell once to save 4 children who were put there by mistake by throwing tunnel spheres of light into the fire while Angels came down through the tunnel spheres and pulled them out. I was in Hell because Angels cannot enter Hell except through light tunnels. I'm in a game play with the Paranormal that was caused because of the experiments at Project Monarch. I'm in a region along the Mason Dixon line with thousands of other victims called the Experimental Trance Warfare Zone. The ETWZ. What the NWO calls, The
PARANORMAL CINEMA. We are all placed in an Opera on the mind control stage. A beast called Haarp will soon sing his song in a great Opera, a microwave song the New World Order calls, Melting The Psychic Permafrost. Short for. We're going to fuck your brain up with microwaves, melt away your thoughts and inject new "memory implants" and control your emotion center. And when that happens, this area will be in a mind control invasion Hell which will soon expand around the world. People will not know what is real, what is fake, fantasy from reality and why their crying incessantly or laughing their heads off for no reason. Many will scream. Reptilians and NWO love to watch scream victims for entertainment, screaming non-stop, screaming uncontrollably on videos they make during mind control experiments. These experiments are called "Cybernetic Killing Floors." Many victims end up dying from an induced fear screaming themselves to death. The Martian Werewolf Clan also holds Scream and Sex Slave conventions at locations mainly in Vegas. Underneath some of the Casinos there and take bets on who will survive the Floors.

When the cast and crew of Girl Interrupted, the movie starring Winona Ryder, Whoopie Goldberg and Angelina Jolie came to the Harrisburg state mental institution for an on location shoot. They had a sex and scream session there with Winona Ryder. I was tranced and brought in to witness. They knew I would gain a memory of the incident later. What is called a "Cinematic Memory Mind Reel." I usually remember encounters with Reptilians and the Clan within ten minutes of an incident they want me to see after being tranced and end up in one of their "game plays." Reptilians love to play games. Seems Winona has never been the same since her trip to Harrisburg which was ground zero for Monarch.
I pray for her well being after what I saw her go through screaming in horror on that awful Reptilian killing floor for their entertainment.

Scream victims that survive and are taken back home usually have no memory of being on the Screaming Killing Floors and are usually traumatized from within not knowing why they feel like their going mad, vibrating within from shock, and end up in a mental institution becoming Schizophrenic and institutionalized. Some gain a memory of their ordeal usually beginning eight years later. When you gain a memory it is almost like a Cinematic motion picture reel running through your brain. Very vivid. Some Victims are made to remember for a game play. Forced to remember to cause conflict within their family and friends when they choose to come forward and talk. Many traumatized victims will form a butterfly pattern on their brain associated with Schizophrenia. Schizophrenic brains when scanned have a butterfly formation on their brains. That's how the name Project Monarch came about. The Monarch Butterfly. From the butterfly formation on a Schizophrenic's brain. From experimenting with Schizophrenics and causing Schizophrenia. Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.

Getting back to the coming mind control assault. I'm told that eventually all counties touching the Mason Dixon line will succeed from the American union. And an Angel Nation will be formed taken over by a force not seen since Biblical times. A force that will move up the Susquehanna river. A great flood will come rushing down through the Midwest. A great
"Haarp induced icecap melt." A flood will sweep through the midwest in gigantic ocean waters while all areas outside of the Angel Nation will burn in the Atomic war fires of Hell and massive Chemtrail spraying by the New World Order to bring the human population down to 500 million. Or to be more precise. 666 million. 666 the number of the Haarp Beast. All who survive under that number will carry the number of the Beast so to say. You'll be one of the mind controlled slaves, part of that number who survives below 666 million in the population. Many Reptilians do not like the New World Order. Many Martian Werewolf Clan members and the CIA do not like the New World Order. And many common people do not like the New World Order and will join with the Angel Nation. So, there is a hope of light at the end of that dark Monarch tunnel. Until then welcome to the New World Order.

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