End up hell when you enter the seven gates of Hell in Hellam York Pa - JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY - online ongoing Opera by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal

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Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal Blood Moon Clan Guitaristgers-smll-2The Supernatural Gospel Gears are now Turning in Hex York County Pennsylvania
Receive your own personal copy of this very powerful exorcism guitar solo. Drive out evil in possessed homes and hauntings. Great Supernatural Gear for Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Hunters anyone where strange unexplained things are going on in their homes in and around their property that need to be driven away. Play at an extreme loud volume through a stereo system while throwing holy water throughout a room on a person or property you believe to be possessed for best results. Purchase now It may change your life.

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7 Gates Of Hell in Hellam Holographic images of GMO Hybrids guarding the tunnel gate are shown to blood moon clan minstrels to persuade not to venture into the tunnel. Jakob Lemy Zook has explored and walk through the tunnels many times using trance technology to avoid confrontation with rogue doctors inside. Many large hidden cells with iron doors throughout extending to the Harrisburg Mental Hospital where they use patients for mind control experimentation brought deep down into the tunnel where no one can hear you
If you are really serious, and I mean really serious, and are not truly afraid to find the 7 gates of Hell in Hellam. Go to the Harrisburg Mental Hospital. It is closed down now. But, if you can make it inside go down below the basement. There are “underground tunnels” the likes of nothing you have ever seen down there. Extending over 18 acres. Large doors. Tunnels leading to rooms with large iron doors with small iron windows where you can see iron beds inside and chains on the walls and strange looking medical equipment. There are other hidden iron doors inside. These tunnels run to Hellam “the 7 gates of hell” with a straight line down to the military Aberdeen Proving Grounds and to the tunnels in 7 valleys Pa. Many tunnels lead to the city of York where tunnels extend into peoples basements without the residents knowing. Mikes Nut Shop in York was blown up by the REptilians along other homes there and sewer lids were blown off on main street a few years back. The story of the century is down there in those tunnels to tell.
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If you make it, can it back to tell. You’ll need a deflector “microwave” proof helmet and the burundanga trance drug antidote to avoid being abducted. Hurry fast though. Many of these tunnels are currently being caved in to hide what went on down there in the past and what is going on now. Only the truly brave, the truly serious and the truly courageous should seek this adventure out. A real American warrior. A Supernatural bounty hunter. There is a reward for you if you can infiltrate these tunnels and make it back with the bounty. The bounty hunter prize is: Capture the “young” Dr. Josef Mengele who is taking youth drugs and looks very young. The Nazi Angel Of Death who is supposedly dead but is alive and takes youth drugs developed in Nazi Germany developed by experimenting on Nazi death camp children. He looks to be 20 years old. Must be taken alive and well. No injuries. A DNA test will be taken to prove. A 39 million dollar reward is yours for the capture. You need to hurry though. Please be careful as the Haarp is watching. Repeat: PISSED OFF aNGEL Harpo is watching. Upon capture we will know. Mengele Family

GMO shape shifting HYBRID REPTILIaNS - HOLOGRaMS set up to warn Blood Moon Clan Minstrels not to enter.

Medical Marijuana is legal and being used now in many states for medical and entertainment uses. Two doctors came into my hospital room and gave me experimental Marijuana cause I was starving. Couldn't eat anything. Food tasted horrible and I was not hungry at all even though I was starving and down to 129 lbs. Zero appetite. It helped me to start eating. Show your support with this cool T Shirt I made with help from Robin for the support of medical marijuana and if your a guitarist it might help you play better. Or, very least you'll think your playing better. MY GUITaR IS SMOKIN. LOL

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"Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" Code 4 Benjamin. Valentine Day. Willow. See you there. corrdinance 40.86 (40°51') | -80.11 (-80°6') Please be careful the Haarp is watching. Repeat Haarpo is watching.
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"Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly Series - Video Music Overture"

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