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Enter the ancient Blood Moon Song Vault now to listen.......... 

    Jakobs Diary, "Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly." Strange supernatural tales from the Hexbelt region of Hex County Pennsylvania. The Amish refer to the region as PennSYLTranceSTLVania because of the blood drinking rituals of the Reptilian 9th Sector Dracs. Dracula's. Reptilian Vampires. Bram Stoker who wrote the book about Dracula knew of the Dracs and based his ideas on them. Dracs can shape shift into human and animal form like Dracula shape shifting into a Bat. The Reptilians shape shift through a process known as Sped up evolution. SUE.

    Meet Lionstar the Cedar Valley Minstrel of Heavencan and Jakob Lemy Zook the legendary Amish exorcism guitarist going back to the Dark Ages up to modern times. Traveling Minstrels called Supernatural Gears. Minstrels of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild of the Trumpet Templars. Jakob traveled throughout Europe during the dark ages as a traveling minstrel with Amitel the Truth Angel and the Unknown Angel. Traveling with Gus Bodine Trapsworth the Supernatural Gear Lute player and mysterious singer who it is believed wrote the mysterious song Lady Greensleeves. Traveling with the Little Anunnaki Drummer Boy and Count Zadar Von Liquid Ot the hybrid human Drac Vampire supernatural instrument and guitar maker and now recording engineer for the Supernatural Gears of the Blood Moon Guild.

Jakobs bassist Lennon Cybermodster and power drummer Geronimo Hisser. And traveling with Nellie Noll the Supernatural Gear Siren Singer who was burned as a witch mistakenly by the Templars. Who traveled the reincarnation route to Hellam Pa where she became known as the River Witch Of Marrieta. She was partly responsible for the witch murder of Nelson Rehymeyer. She told three farmers in the area to get a lock of his hair to take the Hex spell in  which they thought he had put on them. They ended up killing and burning his body. This happened in the 20's. Was the biggest news story around the world at the time. That's how Hex County got it's name.

Nellie now belongs to Martian Werewolf Trancer Clan along with her partner Mark Draco who both were once Blood Moon Minstrels, Supernatural Gears.

    The Mysterious Fog Blood Moon Guild unit is now centered in Hex County. Lionstar is the doppelganger of Jakob from a Parallel Universe. There is a Paranormal Storm approaching storm clouds forming moving towards Planet Earth. The Perfect Paranormal Storm. The ancient Blood Moon Minstrel Guild summoned by the Intelligent Star has sent Lionstar and Jakob into Hex County on a Mission through the reincarnation route which is ground zero for the Paranormal Storm surge to hit and take place.

Earth, Humans and a Doppelganger parallel universe will merge. Human race will come face to face with their doppelganger counterpart. Looking into a mirror at oneself. To see oneself as we really are. A new era in human evolution will take place along the Mason Dixon line region in the area known as Eden. The new Eden. All counties touching the Mason Dixon line will succeed from the American Union and form a new nation. The Angel Nation of Heavencan.

   The Mason Dixon line was drawn hundreds of years ago by the Anunnaki surveyors Charles Mason and Jeramiah Dixon who traveled to Earth and drew the line which extends light years into interstellar space using the stars as their guide. Stars used as a coordinance for the Anunnaki and Bumble Bee Alien massive Starships landing in the region at the Apollo Park Alien Landing Field in Brogue Pa. A park named after the Apollo mission by the Bubble Bee Aliens in honor of Humans successful space mission. Starships stacked hovering on top of each other. Cloaked starships waiting for the Paranormal storm surge where chosen humans will board a ship and travel to the earth-like planet Keplar 22-B.

    The Hexbelt region is one of the most paranormal regions in the world. 9th Sector Reptilians from the Draconian sector constellation live in the region. Reptilian Vampire Dracs Dracula's who settled along the Lincoln highway from York to Gettysburg. The Dracs moved into this area after the Civil war battle in Gettysburg. 9th Sector Dracs are blood drinkers and drank the blood at night while soldiers lay wounded in the battlefields of the night. Gettysburg is the most haunted place in the world. More Ghosts are seen there than any region in the world.

     Reptilian Dracs also live in tunnels throughout the region with a complex in Seven Valleys in Hex County where there is a cloaked entrance at the Bat Caves in the area. The Dracs currently work with rogue elements at the Aberdeen experimental military proving grounds along the Mason Dixon line in Maryland their scientists and rogue doctors developing strange human hybrid creatures in Eugenics and Mind Control technology. Many settled in Lancaster Pa among the Amish and ride around dark Amish Buggies where you can't see in. There are involved in Identity thief and illegal trance porn films and placing victims on the Cybernetic Killing floor where victims will literally laugh themselves to death after being tranced by the Burundanga devils breath. They film and show these videos on their RT network (Reptilian Television) live shows on the Drac Dark Web.

    The 9 the Sector Dracs also work with the Martian Werewolf Clan an illegal criminal family trance organization going back to before the Civil War. Their chemist's developed powerful trance drugs from the Burundanga plant known as the Devils Breath into a more powerful extract known as Shocking Blue. The rogue scientists and doctors and the secret underground military facilities where they perform experiments is interested in this powerful drug extract which is being sprayed from airplanes. Chemtrail Spraying in a long ongoing project called Project Monarch developed by Dr. Josef Mengele the Nazi Angel of Death and over 800 other Mind Control Nazi scientists and Adolf Hitler  brought to America after World War ll who are still alive taking youth drugs they developed in the child experimental Nazi concentration camps.

    Josef lives in Lancaster with his two songs among the Amish. Jakob and Lionstar were both were sent through the reincarnation route to be born and abducted as children for the projects. Born on Farms near the underground experimental eugenics units and taken to the facilities and put in cages during summer school vacations and at certain times throughout the year. Their mission to learn of complete ongoing experiments taking place in eugenics and mind control. That's where this story begins and continues up until the arrival of the Perfect Paranormal Storm surge in a grand Opera known as "Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly." The Oumuamua stone has arrived the first object of the storm surge emitting a Oumuamua wave paving the way opening up a paranormal storm path toward Earth.

    When the Haarp machine in Alaska sings it microwave voice across the land while humans sleep at night embedding thoughts and the counterpoint musical performance by the Supernatural Gears of the Blood Moon Minstrel Guild. The mission of the ancient Supernatural Minstrel Gears is to bring in the Music Medics from the Guild and all the Celestial exorcism Minstrels to counteract the Haarp microwave putting the Luciferian mind control hate virus infecting humans centered in the Hexbelt region moving around the world.

The Music Medics of the Guild will find and put the hate virus in an infinity Quarantine in the Celestial Lake of Fire ushering in a new age of human bliss and love in nature like never before seen or felt. All the counties touching the Mason Dixon line will succeed from the union.

The new Eden in Eden Pennsylvania will merge with a Parallel Universe. Humans living in line with the Dopelganger selves where they can always look at themselves in the mirror a reminder to look at themselves making sure they like what they see in the bliss of eternal love. But until that paranormal surge arrives the Minstrel Gears have to confront Luciferington the new name given to Washington D.C. as the Russian Reptilian Lutin the Novichok Chef and the Orange Carrot Puppet has seized control of the White House and is ushering in the NWO. New World Order. Bloodline rule by the Human bred psychopathic pitbulls. Psychopaths. Wolves in sheeps clothing...... Enter Jakobs Diary Vault - Robin Sparrow, Cinematographer for the Blood Moon Guild. Jakobs official traveling biographer.

Blood Moon Minstrel Guild Mission. Exposing Demonic Elements that move in secrecy between the raindrops in Celestial societies and planetary solar systems using Supernatural Gears of Music and Art. Blowing the Trumpet horns of Truth across the Universe.


Lenny Lionstar is a Graphic COMIX creator and recording artist and songwriter living in Hex County Pennsylvania. He calls the songs he writes Rock n Roll Phantasm. Lenny's interest in the supernatural began when he was growing up on the family farm in Hex County where he encountered Aliens in a field by a Power line....... Give a listen to Lenny's music it's very different and unusual filled with a great sense of artistic sonic space rock adventure. The Space Opera, Jakobs Diary, "Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly."________________________________________________________________________________


Supernatural Gears Of The Celestial Green Gospel

Blood Moon Minstrel Guild

Mysterious Fog Cyberspace Recordings

Sound Engineer - Count Zadar Von Liquid Ot

Cinematography - Robin Sparrow

Graphic Comix Song Recordings - Lenny Wiles Lionstar

Lionstar Graphic Novel COMIX